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  1. there is no event on the script try this local soundsTable = { "sound.mp3" } function Music() local soundPath = soundsTable[math.random(#soundsTable)] sound = playSound3D("sound/"..tostring(soundPath), -89.272094726563, -48.133323669434, 720.40222167969, true) setSoundMaxDistance(sound,50) setSoundVolume (sound,0.7) outputChatBox(tostring(sound)) setTimer(Music,50,1) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement( ), Music)
  2. Please Use [lua] Tags and see this http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/PlaySound3D
  3. Hi all i made this i want it Play For the Player who his level has ries up for example if i get Leve 1 Play sound level 2 play sound .... server side ... exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("EXP") exports.scoreboard:scoreboardAddColumn("Level") function win(ammo, killer, weapon, bodypart) local H = getElementData(killer, "EXP") local S = getElementData(killer, "Level") local killer1 = getPlayerName(killer) local noob = getPlayerName(source) if killer and killer ~=source then setElementData(killer, "EXP", tonumber(H)+1)
  4. oh i dont see it sorry Man thank You a lot !
  5. what is the new soldSnake 14? is it the same ??
  6. Al3grab i dont get what he mean so i remove the win or what ?? please show me how ?
  7. i dont get what you mean but how about this ? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateProjectile
  8. even this has a name like me my name is win and his name is Player_Wasted so what is worng??
  9. what you mean tapl what about it ??
  10. ok Thx Man Topic Closed now the EXP/Level its easy For Me befour i know them they was hard to Make lol
  11. I am sorry to make you tired with me I owe you my friend do you want mony for this help i give you My GameMode is 85% thx to You!
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