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  1. Hey, What does it mather who got the idea? Almost everybody playing gta had the idea of a stunt mode.... So there actually is noone who discovered it... example: If dracoblue (or mta, doesn't matter actually) stole your ideas... What have Unreal creators, Quake 3 arena etc. etc. stole then? I mean, they all have Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch... This isn't flaming, just giving my opinion.. GTAT and MTA:VC both have great things accomplished... Get multiplayer to a game that isn't built for it!
  2. Have you guys ever heard of Gta World Online? They are putting the GTA 3 level in Vice with the Vice Gameplay.. So you have 3 islands.. Liberty City, Vice City and they're modeling a new map too...
  3. i've no idea what it's time is in GMT But i know what time it's in UK i think it's: 6 till 7.30-8 because i usually watch movies at that time.. (both evenings)
  4. That's probably if someone crashes, and he's in a vehicle...
  5. hey, DJ-Mills and i had no problems with using these codes, so i shouldn't know why it couldn't with you guys. It is great for team batles (we usually go our clan against rest). And then we will never kill eachother (or other RIP guys) I had the same problem with the chatting in game, but i just restarted the game. It's a glitch in the server somehow.. Because once i changed server.. it never happend again.
  6. yeah, i was wondering too, thanks for the info
  7. Will the stunt server be released with all those stunts in it?
  8. i can't see it.. i got disconnecteed if i download it
  9. i also can't find any pics from MTA 0.3.5
  10. what do u use to play it? Vice City or gta 3
  11. they should make snipers THen it would be cool.. ust 2 people killing everyone with their snipers if people come in range
  12. it's cool... but not INSANE or WOW.. lol.. just a lucky shot (a cool one th)
  13. it's a very easy stunt... but it went perfect.. that made it cool
  14. uhm... i thought he said that it would go right if u go up and down.. but it goes wrong when u go forwards or backwords...
  15. uhm.. i think no bcuz lot's of people will kick everyone they don't like
  16. it isnt too powerfull.... if it flies.... everyone can see it and they all shoot at it.... so it will be destroyed very fast.. and there are loads of people that can't fly a hunter good enough to kill people...
  17. tank batle= a modeler creates a tank arena.. with hills and stuff... and then people can fight against eachother. hunter batle.. hunters against eachother
  18. ow... but i thought it was an option... ok.. i;ll install it... thnx
  19. no... but it works now.... Really weird... But now i only see a couple of guys standing still... What should i do? I did what the opbot in Irc sais with the game request but i doesn't work
  20. When i press alt tab in the gta 3 game (it's only the gta 3 game... VC just works with alt tab) the game freezes... i see my windows mouse but i can't do anything with it because i see the freezed game.... What shoud i do?
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