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  1. Hello. I have my MTA 1.3.4 Server. 1) It works perfect, but some players(cheaters I guess) in any time can freeze or lag the server, so other normal players receive an error "Timed out" or "Connection Trouble" or "Network Trouble". Many normal players would stay stuck on the field with the exclamation sign above. 2) Also cheaters can crash the client of others. Very bad... 3) Also some players can't die and can't be killed by others, also they can fly all over the server very fast. I think they use cheats. (Godmode) How to block them? I heared from some of these cheaters next: "free to u
  2. Rebuilt MTA server again and all works good. But it is strange because I didn't change anything... And I rebuilt the same server as it was.
  3. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Rebuilt MTA server again and all works good. But it is strange because I didn't change anything...
  4. Can you please explain how to check if port 22126 or 22003 works nice or opened correctly?
  5. Here is nobody helped: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=44943&p=453905#p453905 With port 22004 server is present in server browser and players can connect to it. With port 22003 server is hidden in server browser but players still can connect to it. Help me please what to do with port 22033 OS: Ubuntu 12.04
  6. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Up Solved problem by changing port from 22003 to 22004 All ports are opened. No iptables rules activated. OS: Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS x64 Why server does'nt shown with port 22003 but players can connect to it?
  7. Sammit92

    Server browser

    What about problem guys? My server is full(75/128 players), but not shown in server list, monitoring sites don't see it too. Strange.
  8. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Ping in game's server browser is about 3000+ Ping when playing on server is about 30-40 Ping to machine where the server is about 30-35 Why is in game's server browser so high ping to my server and that's why server is hidden from list?
  9. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Here 1st screen: http://puu.sh/FuNN I and anybody else can't see the server in server list in game. After waiting for 10-15 seconds I can see: http://puu.sh/FuO1 If continue waiting I can again see like 1st screen or 2nd, differently. If press "Join game" it connects nice and ping is: http://puu.sh/FuOv Ping to the machine: http://puu.sh/FuML Why this problem appear? How to solve it? Help me please.
  10. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Game-Monitor affects the MTA InGame Client's server browser??
  11. Sammit92

    Server browser

    Hello. My Linux MTA 1.3.0 server can't be seen in client's server browser. Game Monitoring Sites also say that server is offline. But it works and players can connect to it, when press "Join game". Help please.
  12. Thank you, but still that error when start the MTA server. Notice: my MTA server in /home/***user***/ directory.
  13. Hello. I use Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS x64 When I try to start my MTA 1.3.0 server it gives me error: http://puu.sh/Dl2o I tried commands: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs sudo apt-get install libreadline5 and it didn't help. I can't found directory /emul anywhere after installing ia32-libs to move there my MTA server and I don't sure about steps from this thread for Debian x64 (http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... bc5ef58827), because I use Ubuntu. Help me please.
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