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  1. The way I see it, all our matches are OFFICIAL... even the 2 we lost to VCES... Does it really matter? Either way you were laughed owned ignored But please continue, we wanna see what other shit you can get pick out your brain
  2. Yeah... Roll on 0.4!!!! rc.... prolly stood for "Radar Correction" coz it fixed that bug...
  3. Well i can't... I would put in another longwinded speech but I can't really be arsed... BTW, our food finds us its self, we need no spoon holder
  4. I think its sumthing to do with them being in other gangs... I'll keep it quick. Shut up. We have 37 active members, we don't need ppl working "Shifts"
  5. Good luck with yer recruiting, sum day u too will have 37 active members and 50+ registered ones
  6. Without spam, how do u expect to keep poor Ace's HD Thread alive? At least we were doing him a favour. We'll just let this thread die then...
  7. [KFC] El Burro

    {PwN} Klan

    People do these things when thier bored you see...
  8. Yep, waiting on the leader. If Kung was to dissapear for a few months im sure KFC would still carry on even if we are a bunch of incompetent fools. Untill that day comes, your all gonna have to hold your breath and wait, but not us, noooooooooooooooo; we're ready ya see!
  9. I RECORDED IT AND PUT IT ALL DOWN IN TEXT IN MY OWN SPECIAL WAY I put it up on the KFC forum a while ago, and yeah, that bastard lawyer's song made me cringe. Read it all for yer self, its flawless... VICE CITY DOCUMENTARY SCRIPT I watched it and some interesting stuff came up that I never thought. Im just noting down the relevant bits, the long winded start is just an Intro Read it and next time you Americans see a lawyer or Attorney... slap them for me Thanks IN THE BEGINNING Enter two Scottish kids playing our beloved GTA: VC "At the moment we're just going' around killin
  10. I really think they should remove the strong weapons to begin with, go find the weapons instead of strting with the best ones. I think everyone should start with somthing simple like a Pistol, Revolver or a Melee weapon and then u go hunt the better weapons down. This may even solve the annoying Spawn Wars at the Airport or on Prawn Island. Get out and fight properly!!!
  11. Damn fakers... or it might been Bump playing a late April fools on ya
  12. pump_it_up and ACT_LIKE_A_FOOL are both cheap little cheaters Sobeit, stfu u n00b, calling u a n00b is the only thing I can do coz really, u are. You have no mates in reality and are making enemies all over the world like a little fucking Terrorist and it would be in the best intrest to us if you just walked away and blew your self up like one.
  13. I would never have to listen to my mother again... and besides, im already losing my sight!
  14. Woooo! See ya MTA forums!!
  15. Yeah... even made my PC crash, godammit
  16. Coz in 15 years time, you'll proberly get HL2 in a cereal box along with another Retro game like Driver 3, SA, Doom 3... its insane how the world works. This years great games are in 15 years gonna be Breakfast fodder...
  17. They can't pin point exactly, release dates are "Subject to Change"
  18. Armour pickups, definatley Sailors don't re-heal Larger range of ppl (like the chef, SWAT guy, French bloke ect) like on the Stunt servers Cash bounties (see below) Poorer weapons to begin with, have to earn better weapon by killing ppl for them and thier money Ability to buy weapons at Ammunation and Phils place Ability to Re-Spray cars Cash Bounties ----------------- I reckon you should get cash bounties for everyone you kill wich you could spend on better weapons at Ammunation. The highest scoring person on the server has the most cash on his head. Newer players in the server have
  19. Well, if you still only own GTA3 by the time SA comes out, I think ya should get beaten with a large Caber across the head. Now you mention it, I doubt they'll want to spoil the MTA teams fun at making us these dodgey online MODs Well, by the time SA comes out, maybe 0.5 will be well into production, but then again, by the time it comes to PC, 0.7 will be in production and we'll all be wrinkly old bastards. A slight over exaggeration, if only slight. And Vass, its not a skirt. Its only a skirt if you wear yer pants underneath, if you don't, yer a Scot and its a Kilt. Anyway, only them Neand
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