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  1. I got MTArc to work nicley, when i press 0 it says: U BASTARD! U BASTARD! U BASTARD! But, em... bug? Everytime i press T to type suff, halfway through it shouts "U BASTARD! U BASTARD! U BASTARD!" and messes up my posts... whys that? Noticed bug or is it just me?
  2. U don't get fog on SP VC... Oh well, yeah, it does look good... Is weather synced... i mean, if u see it foggy does everyone else see it foggy?
  3. Thats a waaaaaaaaay better Impala, the one I have, nothing smashes on it, the doors don't open when u get in and it just dissapears when u shoot it too much. A really shit and dogey model... Ask Gamefreek where to get the other one... I want it too
  4. Rammstien- Links 2 3 4 Then its Led Zeppelin- The song remains the same
  5. Hey, where u get the T80 with the Tank wheels?? The wheels on my T80 are stupid, they aren't even lined up! I have a really crap car collection, heres pics of the 4 cars I have that haven't been mentioned... prolly coz thier shitty, especially the Impala. I only MOD special cars like the Sabre Turbo, Hotring, Bloodring ect...
  6. I like Eminem but D12... hmmm, I saw them once on Kerrang and ran away with my fists in my ears... I prefer heavy rock, Classic Rock and anything Rock like (Boulders are good) I hate "Nu Metal"... and everything else. Sum stuff that comes out that butthole of music is good... usually rap stuff, Outkast is good, so is Eminem, but other stuff... I'd rather castrate myself with sum rusty wire than listen to it. Right now im listening to: Mushroomhead- Along the Way Then its: Thunder- Castles in the Sand
  7. Oh God NO!!! Your him aren't you! The closest iv'e ever got to that sort of Music is once I saw Yellow Submarine... thats it, I now crave Nuclear weapons. If I could get a Musak uploader, i'd give u my song "The Funky Priest" and sum other stuff my mate does...
  8. Soviet T80 Tank, prolly the only Tank MOD for VC:
  9. I got stuck in the walls of the Malibu once... people came up and tried to shoot through the walls and failed. I could kill em with the Chainsaw though. Then sum bastard got me with a Flamethrower...
  10. Yeah, keep on topic: Rammstien: Mutter then its Prodigy: Climbatize
  11. This was just before an FKU match a few months ago: SpecOutLaW: hes real mad at me cuz i said gg to kfc (FKU)Quig: it prob was a gg *KFC@SNOMANE: jus join us then (FKU)Quig: no join us:D *KFC@SNOMANE: US (FKU)Quig: US *KFC@SNOMANE: I COMMAND U (FKU)Quig: -] -] *KFC@SNOMANE: BY THE POWER INVESTED IN MY COCK JOIN US [KFC]ELBURRO: Join El Burro;s mighty bastards and get a free Ice Cream [KFC]KungPow: it really was the second round we didn't lose a person so he must have been disappointed
  12. My Res is: 1152 X 864 X 32 Very Pretty High Res... I can't stand low Res, too shitty... I sumtimes wonder how GF copes with his! .::EDIT::. I can afford DSL, but the Telephone company won't fit Broadband pipes or put up a Radio DSL Mast near my house untill next year or late this year... untill then, i'm stuck with this sorry Corpse of a 56k, unless I move a few miles to the local Town wich has DSL... but here I wait
  13. MULLAH OMAR... known Cheat... and, um... Terrorist? Also... Emeraldgurl cheats too It this game, I Chainsawed them several times, both spawned as Mex with Spaz and both were invincable. Mullah stood ontop of a car as it exploded and survived, he was also naded several times and survived. I shot Emeraldgurl with M60, wasted all ammo and she kept replenishing health to full everytime she fell to the floor. Watchout for these ppl...
  14. Its exclusive for a max of 6 months and then copies for PC are made, then XBOX slightly later. It gets sold on XBOX last coz its Sony's greatest competitor and It wants XBOX owners to Suffer If you were brainy and bought a PS2, you'd have it 6 months before any bastard else. I'm buying it for PS2 when it comes out in October and for PC later to await the release of MTA: SA... w00t! R* know about MTA... they see its not making a profit out of thier product and thier fine with it. No point making it your self if sum1 else is doing it for free... common sense
  15. Yep, either with a Boat or Heli, i'm sure I could Can you... Klone k00ner??
  16. Funny U should ask... Your collection complete now??
  17. Find a Pleasant, yet worrying, glitch...
  18. GTA SINCE 1997!! It was banned and illeagal in UK untill 1998, so I got it in Ireland... and got every last GTA game afterwards. MTA SINCE 2.0... under several differant names, most i forget I may have joined the forums in June last year, but my Internet got cut off till September. I played like, once every few weeks, got fed up, too many glitches, cheaters, lamers and hung my Guns up untill 0.3!!! Soon after beginning 0.3, joined KFC and become a pretty active player ever since...
  19. Iv'e mentioned that... the one reason the answer is NO is... ppl with some sort of Money Hack, just go buy all the weapons. We just have to live with it, Cheats spoil it all. But I wouldn't mind a working Pay n' Spray and 8 Balls Bomb-shop.
  20. Pfftttt... Rap this then... AN ODE TAE A FERT What Sleekit, lingerin’, horrible beastie Lurks in yer stomach after a feastie Aw the Tattie’s, Mince an’ mushy Pea’s Quietly stir a gentle breeze Ah feel it now, ach here’s the pudding Ah hope its not gonna be too sudden Coz what goes in must come oot And yer sphincter muscle shifts aboot Ah squeeze ma bum tae the chair Ah pray tae God its only Air Off tae the lavvy a better scurry Ach, tae hell its not ma worry But all ma efforts go asunder Oot it comes like a clap o’ Thunder Ricochets arood the room Mighty me, a Sonic boom! Blo
  21. hmmm... I kinda see where they come from with that one
  22. Yeah, you'd have to call it a day coz your on DSL... im on 56k and have a dynamic IP. Therefor... I only had to disconnect and connect again and i cud get back on the Party and get laffed at by the n00bs... it was great
  23. Hahahahaha... heres one that happened a while ago: [[uK]]Toker: MARCH UR A FUCKING PRICK [[uK]]Toker: U CHEAT March: why Godzilla: NO ADMIN!!! oh my lord March: haa haa Godzilla: wdf March: no admin give it up fools [OG]NighWolf: dont worry people im gonna finish March Schtupid killed Turbox_Frien. [KFC]ELBURRO: Hmmm, ill be Admin u bastard Godzilla: who jacked my bike out of nowhere White MKIV: ya give it up pussies March killed [[uK]]Toker. White MKIV: wow spaz White MKIV: you're a bad ass -=[spaZ]=-: Schtupid died. March killed =DA=D. March killed Sandy
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