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  1. I ve noticed it. Max: 30 sumthin. Its not that hard to do, just pop the ball after wards.
  2. Iv'e found lotsa glitches and crap in VC. First, I dunno if it happens on you guy PC's, by sumthins wrong with the trees. The out line of the trees is kinda see through and all you can see is the background, and iv'e done that car thing were the guy jacks you car but your still innit when the guy drives off (dunnit twice) also, the Havanan streetware shop won't let you have the out fit. That sucks.
  3. What about sort of Online statstics, sort of Criminal Record, of a player thats open to others to se what the guys like, is he a pyhco your about to kill, or is he just a passive joyrider that likes to pick on old ladies. Display useful stuff like the the amount of people they've killed and stuff like that. Like statistics, but narrows it down to the mre important stuff.
  4. Yeah, if its gonna be even better and its only gonna take a few months its well worth the wait. Remember: Its out when its out, no questions asked. Although, I have to ask, how many new cars (or Aircraft for that matter) is there gonna be on MTA Vice City. Iv'e seen that screenshot at the top of the page and I have to say, I ain't never seen that before, what is it, a Toyota Yaris or summit? I ain't got GTA3 for the PC, I bought it for PS2 instead, to be honest, it kept me happy for the best part of a Year. I also bought VC for PS2, but I bust it when I knocked the PS2 off my Telly, my PS2 ha
  5. While ya'll down loadin vids, can I just say "Online VC is honestly and seriously gonna kick some ass" Why did Rockstar leave it? Silly sods
  6. Hey, you gonna put in Liberty City Survivor as an acctual challenge, I now your making survivor one of the fetures, but do it as advertised. "Crash through the window and start shootin' at each other." Although you may have to do summit about the crashin' through the window. Why don't ya have a challenge to see how long people can survive in Mafia territory, gettin blasted by shotguns every second might not sound fun (Runnin' through the Mafia bit gives me a friggin headache) but it'll be fun to watch. "Ha ha, **BANG** **SPLAT** ow." May be some peoples mottos and now im speaking shite so i
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