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  1. Gary p00ns j00 all... TR is growing like a weed
  2. Wheeey... Murry Birthday Aunt Death... many happer returns on the new clan, goodluck making the cake... and all. Let us meet... in the future, to blow each others private parts all over the walls and clean streets... preferably in pajamas and wearing scarfs... maybe steel toe cap Jack boots but that depends... on the Cake... /me holds a Toast to DeathB
  3. A. Mario pwned for the bulk of the 90's... fighting off Sonic, the Russians and Lara Croft. Then GTA eats him alive at the turn of the Century... ah, how we laugh. Q. Can I have a gold star for being the first spammer of 2005?
  4. Iv'e never celebrated a New Year... ever. Coz i'm a bastard... My prediction for 2005- Like 2004 but with more puke and 1 less day
  5. A. That pink git is goning to haunt me for the rest of my days Q. Are people who think up games and Anime's that contain characters like Kirby, kinda creepy?
  6. [KFC] El Burro

    Gangwar Mode

    Just remember me when you reach the top you skiniving git
  7. A. They're going to send little packets to everyones PC... then you print them off and... store them up your arse! I've competed San Andreas 3 times... iv'e had to coz im such a nub and I overwrite my really good saves constantly... Q. Would you ever try and complete the whole of SA in Fat bastard mode? Iv'e tried and failed...
  8. [KFC] El Burro

    Gangwar Mode

    Yeaaaa... and if you gits get rid of that one, we expect you to get rid of the other one or you'll just be put down as an other bunch of facist f#cks. We're branded as an 0.2.2 hackers... I bet it makes you all feel so big and butch and manly enough to visit the Blue Clam now. Oh, and since when has Master Wizard DeathBra been running the show? He shouts "OMG!!11!1 HAXXX0RS!!1!!1" and suddenly the whole forum and even the MTA team is singing his tune! Get a grip you Gonnarea infested testicular maggots!!!
  9. I'll say what I sed in pivate... Its an 0.2.2 server, 8 people are on MAX... like we're ruining your play time, you'll never use it, many hundreds of people won't use it, its just pure fun, unlike 0.4 wich whinney bitches like you ruined with complaints about miniguns, spazes and glitches...
  10. Yeah, your all motherfucking retards... this server is purley for fun, its not cheating, were all playing on the same level playing field when were in this server... no one cheats, everyone dies... This is a really pointless complaint, only a serious twat would complain that KFC is having fun in a 0.2 server... get back to licking toilets...
  11. http://www.kfc.wojjie.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3207&start=0 I think MT may have just been Clan banned...
  12. A. I dunno... you confuse me coz your grammar is just bilge Q. Bilge?
  13. A. Yeeeah... but -50 might be giving him some hope of getting a career. Q. If you were on Minimum wage, what would you want to work as? Selling your body for drug money isn't viable coz you'd all die before lunch.
  14. We, the unwashed huns, owe homage to this bloke. Burn the heretic? I think so...
  15. When its my birthday, I'm gonna gonna blow all my 20k on Acid tabs and smack.
  16. A. Yeah, its that sugary sherbert thing that comes with a little sugarry sherbert stick and you make sweet love with them. Really, its crack for kiddies. Q. Don't pedophiles deal that stuff?
  17. This hacking shit is always a pain in the ass when it comes to online games, you just have to remember that the prickface doing it is prolly a 25st 13 year old busy jacking off over getting full marks in his Geography homework. Despite this, remember...Partyserver is always the place to be... be you a man, a mouse or just Toilet fodder.
  18. A. I dunno... maybe ya do, maybe you don't. Q. Does he have a driving lesson in 30 mins?
  19. !KFC*ElBurro: Shite... am I still here? [VCP]rebel: huh? * !KFC*ElBurro thinks i am [VCP]rebel: yea shit burro [VCP]rebel: !setping 400 Disconnected: You have been kicked. (Delay = 10 sec) Connecting... Connected. Updating INI ... INI Updated. Server Map: Portland (GTA3) Server Game Mode: Regular (Deathmatch) Game Version Set !KFC*ElBurro: U git
  20. Thats good to know... hell of alot of Pythons
  21. [KFC] El Burro


    Dreams freak me out... especially the ones you feel the pain in. One time a big Gorrila shoved me in a meat Grinder and I came out in a Mario game... it was painful I woke up and found myself with my head press on the corner of my PC desk, I had a pyramid shape in my forehead for ages
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