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  1. arr half of that roster doesnt come to this forums any more

    Doesn't really matter, as long as we're mostly vets and still willing to play MTA... 8)


    Point... i mean, Santa... how about shoving the AKA's and clan next to the [MC] name of members lower in the list... just to make it look formal... and so everybody knows who everyone else is and shiz...

  2. You can't play MTA and NOT glitch...

    MTA is a glitch

    Type !tip into the Partyserver and you get some glitch advice, so n00bs can't complain. The only glitch we dispise seeing used eccessivly is the nade glitch... but glitches are part of the game so its adapt or get owned.

  3. What Kung said^

    Am I old KFC or new KFC? Or Classic KFC? Concidering in 0.3 i was a 56k lag whore... used as bait during wars.

    0.3 was the greatest... I doubt we'll ever get that sort of vibe back into the community unless something drastic happens soon... because if you want those wars again, KFC can't stay active forever.

  4. GTASA for PC released in Europe today.


    Not really that interested in buying it untill a Multiplayer mod is released for it.

  5. lol, Kung... the Bobbies Rock... do thier work really well.

    For one... they did me for Firearms offences... but my Uncle is a DCI in the force and got me gun back. Friends in high places... 8)

    Oh, and btw... SAP is just... wrong. :?

    And here I am in a gang called KFC... :?

    w00t... :?

  6. Tommy aint in San Andreas... he's mentioned 2 time approx (once not directly). The First time when The Truth is talking about those mechanic blokes (Dwanye and somebody... jeez, iv'e forgotten) and when your fighing the Sindaco's in the meat factory Ken Rosenburg (high on Crack) says "Ah, Tommy... It like old Times" and CJ replys "Who the Fuck is Tommy?"

    Also... I watched the Indroduction (DVD you get with the soundtrack. The soundtrack is shit...) Ken Rosenburg has just got out of the clinic in Fort Carson, he phones up Tommy, but his... what I presume a Secretary or sumthin says he don't want to talk to him.

    I'll say it again... Tommy aint in San Andreas.... Prolly coz they couldn't get Ray Liotta to do the voice anymore (crap wages, lol). Fido (Claude, w/e) is coz he's a frigging mute and don't need voice actors.

    I'll end with a song...

  7. You get a job in an Ice Cream van and sell Crack to people.

    You drive your Dads Suzuki GSXR 750 out of the 40th floor window of a Skyscraper... and wonder why you died

    You get shot in the Face so you go buy a Pizza

    You go to the local Club and demand your $10,000 share of the assets, then randomly kill everyone with grenades

    Death holds no fear; You'll respawn in a second

  8. A. No... not perticularly. But I do tend to have a thing for having a big sig that pisses people off

    Q. Mother of God! Why is it always my sig! I could make it upside down and inside out and you'd still complain its far too nauseating!

    I will make my sig smaller... I might even delete it completley... will you be happy? WILL YA!

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