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  1. i'm not because i can't wait till the release of 1.2 that would be booring so the best thing is to tell me a solution which is better than waiting
  2. god you think i can't handle a 2004 game With an intel Core i5 Cpu ? and 4 gb Ram ? That's So dumb Bro
  3. beleive me or not MTA 1.0.5 is much better than 1.1 srsly and dont get mad at me now i'm having a lot of freezing and i dont know why even tough my pc is way good to handle the MTA i had 50 fps in 1.0.5 now i'm having 50 fps with laggs which sux in getting TT's so please do something cuz i'm really starting to rage (sry for this but i must say it)
  4. anyway thanks MTA Staff there is no laggs for now i'm using the latest nightly build (test Version) hope it works for u all and thanks again
  5. no not during a map change the game start freezing ni game while i'm currently playing which hard to have top times it start freezing in a lot of times and my fps drops for sure
  6. well thanks for your reply what can u say about the game freezing ?? my game freezes for second and always during a map btw i'm playing in raceDD/DM server hope u can help me fast
  7. That's probably because of the large amount of dx items being rendered on your screen. It happens to me aswell whilst viewing the scoreboard in a full server. My framerate takes a dive when I view the scoreboard or use something like the dxspeedometer, hence me inferring the dx rendering. You sure you've got a good computer? well these are my specs CPU:quad Core i5 2.7 ghz ( 4 cores ) Ram:4GB HDD:500 GB GPU:Geforce 8800 GT 512 mb What can u say about an old game like GTA even in GTA:IV igot 68 fps maxed out
  8. Nobody else has complained of "laggs as hell" If you want anything to be done about your problem you have to explain it. When does it start lagging, how much does it lag? (what frame rate do you get) etc. it does start lagging when tabbing (not alt-tabing) when i want see player lists my fps drops to 32/50 and when server is full also it drops to 40/50 my frame rate was 50/50 and in 1.1.1 i got 40-45-50/50 i hope u understand me now
  9. guuys i have the same problem as you too but in 1.1.1 i had 50 fps in the EPG server but now i'm laggy my fps drops to 20 my pc specs are CPU:Intel Core i5 Ram:4GB HDD:500GB Gpu:Geforce 8800 gt 512 MB i'm mad
  10. This new Version Laggs as hell even i have a good pc which can run latest games idk what's wrong cuz MTA is F*cked up now So please do something for us and for me to get back my stablity ingame and thanks P.S i dont have any crashes in the old/new version of MTA
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