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    Help setting up server

    Hi there if i start my server i get: [18:30:43] ERROR: Could not start HTTP server on interface '' and p ort '22005'! [18:30:43] Server stopped! Press Q to shut down the server! Segmentation fault Anyone can help me?
  2. Hi all, As you guys might know I make a RPG Server. Now, I need some more Scripts and maybe you guys able to script it or find it, Becouse i cant find it! I need: A Drug Making script (With Buy And Sell Functions)( Might be an Factory as well but need ability to sell and buy it. ) Some New Skins for Players ( Like a some new Gangster looks, New Cop looks, Army looks, FBI looks, President Looks Etc. ) I need a Taser for cops... And a script that Admins cant die... Bank rob... Greetings, Onny !
  3. Hi guys, I want to ask if anyone can Restrict a skin ( Skin 217 and 211 ) So its only for Admins? Thanx a lot!
  4. onny

    CnR Gamemode.

    Sorry I didnt saw it, My excuse
  5. onny

    Admin Levels

    Hi Guys i cant find the Admin Level Resource Can anyone please Put a link underneath here? Thanx Greetings, Rhandy
  6. onny

    CnR Gamemode.

    A Ability To Gain Drugs?
  7. onny

    CnR Gamemode.

    Civilian Jobs? ( Like Bus driver ) And ahm, Admin levels and The "Abseiling" Plugin ahm... Sell Drugs, Admin Island, Jail, Car Panel, Group Panel, Animation Panel, Car lock, Admin Functions like "staff" Clothes and Ability to never die and stuff like that?
  8. Hi guys, I have a problem If i start my mta server i get this: =========================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3 =========================================================== = Server name : Galaxy Gaming RPG = Server IP address: = Server port : 22003 = = Log file : /root/mta/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 32 = HTTP port : 22005 = Voice Chat : Disabled =========================================================== [03:30:19] ERROR: Error parsing Access
  9. onny

    Roleplay Gamemode

    No-One Want to do it ? Otherwise PM me...
  10. Hey Guys, I wanted to ask you guys If there is anyone is interested in making a Roleplay Gamemode. The Idea's I want a Map with Bases for Things like army, Bikers, Police, Swat, Paramedic Centre And things like that. Jobs - Bus Driver - Hitman - Police - Robber - Pilot - Mechanic - Criminal - Medic - Taxi Driver - Fireman - Trucker etc. Other needs: We need a Admin base and a: Army, Fbi, Bikers, Maffia, Gangers, "Staff-Team" ( You need to set in this Job By admins ) And they all need bases. The admin base need to have things like Custom cars, Helicopters, Bikes, Normal Cars
  11. Hi all. Ive got a problem! I installed my server at my Linux VPS and ill tried to ./mta-server ( startup the server ) but i get this error: [21:56:04] ERROR: Error parsing config file [21:56:04] Server stopped! Press Q to shut down the server! I installed my Config but what is that problem? Anybody can help me? greetz.
  12. I started my server it succeeded!
  13. Hi guys, I want to disable Speed, Weather freeze and time! Anybody can help me? Greetz
  14. The files mtaserver.conf , acl.xml and vehiclecolors.conf Are in the map; /root/mta/mods/deathmatch Did i do anything wrong? Maybe u can help with Teamviewer...
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