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  1. Colshape? ( I iz awsum scripterz0r )
  2. So.. you know what i gotta do then?
  3. I gotta paste that into a .lua file? And replace red marked text with the created team name? What do i all have to replace? Because i want the top of the mount olympus locked for 1 team.
  4. Yea, but can this be done that 1 special created group can spawn there?
  5. And that's something i can't. Anyways, i have the .zip files from /fly etc, do i have to unpack them into my map's folder?
  6. I can't host it for online. I don't know how How do i see my server IP?
  7. Where do i get that? Well, playercolors was all the time running, didn't change anything, everything kept being white.
  8. Well, when i type #FF0000 (RED) For example, i just get white color. I wanna get those colors to chat. EDIT: For all the resources like flying vehicles, i got the .zip file, do i have to unpack them into my map's folder?
  9. Ah, awesome! Just 1 lil' thing, i ment how to let cars fly and what's with them lines in JR10's reply? I' should make a .lua file of that or what? (script newbie)
  10. Yea ;} I wanna do Mount Olympus, i made an awesome base there, and i just wanna lock that so only members from a special group ( special made to spawn there ) can only enter, if you fly over it u will get blown up by rockets.
  11. Hey all! I just wanna know, how can I enable /fly and /water script? Thanks for the ( i hope ) fast reply! EDIT: How do i enable colors in chat? And when i press TAB, i get some boring window, i want the one that opens and has colors and stuff TY!
  12. Hey guys, I need some script for locking an area for something like an special made team to enter that. Like, locking area69 for only members of the army. Ty
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