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  1. This work but I want to have commands like /push [nick] cuz I want to bind that and if I die to press anybutton and push push smash....
  2. I need resource for push,smash and others like that...I search in community but I can't find anything like that what I want....plz help
  3. Thx you bro now I will make list with numbers who are most winners... If this work....yeahhhhh...money money money Every body want money money money BEER GIRLS money :D
  4. I want to ask one thing!In spins...Example:/spin 36 1000 you bet on 36 and 1000 is $ ! Ok and my question is:What are the numbers which are most often won? My english is not very good so....
  5. Thx bro ! You are very good scripter!Thx Bro!
  6. Why I don't have luck with lua....bad bad bad lua... ped = createPed( 280, 3000, -2264.5, 1.8999999761581, 1 ) function pedWeps( ) giveWeapon( ped, 31, 200, true ) end addEventHandler( "onResourceStart", root, function( ) setTimer( pedWeps, 1000, 0 ) end ) -- Give Ped wep after 1 second function anims() setPedAnimation(Ped, "colt_cop", "colt45_crouchfire") end setTimer(anims, 10000, 0) this is code and...don't work... my police friend stay like tree...
  7. setPedAnimation( ped1, "ped", "shout_02") that?
  8. and last if I want to add some animation....like "shout_02" what I must add?
  9. What mean Rx???What I must write in this place?
  10. function pedLoad ( name ) createPed ( 3000, -2264.5, 1.8999999761581, 1240.545 ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(), pedLoad ) setPedOnFire ( getRootElement(), true ) I'm newbie so....
  11. I try....but anything..... I add fu things in meta I write file and...nothing...
  12. Hi guys!I have one big big problem with peds...I make map but I can't make f*cking script for peds...can someone make this shit? X:3000 Y:-2264.5 Z:1.8999999761581 ID of skin:280 and if you can make that- he must have gun and that is and maybe any good animation... and that is!Please...help
  13. I instal MTA:SA here - C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.1 and Z3RB1AN I don't know why you can't view files... http://www.mediafire.com/?cupi7itfp48bgrl Translate(error 5)
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