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  1. Putting the IP in mtaserver.conf did not work, I have no idea what's wrong.
  2. I fixed the problem with automatic teams, by messing around with scritps. But now there's another problem, I want my server to send a text message every 50 seconds saying "Visit www.blabla.tk" but I don't know how to, could somebody give me a quick meta.xml and a LUA? I know this is very easy to do but I'm clueless.
  3. I have no idea how to, I have 0 scripting experience.
  4. By opening the admin panel by pressing "p".
  5. I want that if I add a player to a team, he gets a tag next to his name, like #000000[OKR]
  6. I made a clan server, and I made some clan members admin. My clan contains a black color, but some of my clan members names are to long to fit in the name section, I heard there's a way to automatically make the clantag Black, how do I do that?
  7. My server enabled voting after a DM map ends, I want a random map cycle, how?
  8. I can't, that's why I want to pay somebody.
  9. I need it for the #1 Hunter top time.
  10. Thank you mate, but it's not for DM
  11. I need a GOOD working Ghost Driver script for DM maps. IF you do sell one, please provide a video/a few images of the script in action, thank you I'm not sure how much a script like this will cost, so I'm currently offering 2,30 euro. (3,14 dollar.)
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