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  1. I found a very annoying bug... When Im recording something with driving vehicle, when I play it, it spawns every single Vehicle in SA and my game crashes... Anyone knows how to fix that?
  2. Hey guys. I've made 2 videos about adding Custom objects in MTA. Videos: Programs you'll need: 3DS Max (2009 or 2010, but if you have other It may work too!) Col Editor 2 TXD Workshop Extra stuff you'll need: GTA Scripts for 3DS Max (Put them in 3dsmax folder\Scripts) Example resource: DOWNLOAD .................. Text that you have to put in the meta file: Text that you have to put in the .Lua file (Script): addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', resourceRoot, function() outputChatBox ( "Test") local txd = engineLoadTXD('files/yourfilename.txd',tru
  3. It's cuz you've made that some of the objects are repeating. I can fix it if you want.
  4. This is my new map. It's made with custom objects (Made by me).It's inspired from minecraft. Check it: DOWNLOAD
  5. Check the whole Community! http://community.mtasa.com/ Some 1 uploaded alot of DM maps without premissions. EDIT: And he's not stopping
  6. I'd like to present you my new map: With lots of new ideas
  7. Very usefull! Just amazing!
  8. Hope you like it. It's a bit Short, but we can make another ft soon.
  9. I had a team and with them we made the Creatures Vols, yes. But now I want to make my own Vols I think you need to say it>
  10. Hi guys. You probably don't know me (And you don't have to ). I'd like to present you my new map: It's not full of new Ideas but it has some parts that i've never seen in other maps b4. And ye I know I can't work good with decos.
  11. I'm not sure that's the real Hermes. NVM. Thanks for sharing, and I love We Love Pros II. It's very cool and has a lot of potential in it.
  12. Има ли Българи тук? Май не са много. А ако има, се представете. Нека аз започна. Аз се казвам Божидар, но в MTA се пиша |EF|Bussy-E, играя в DDC (За Race) и DKR (За FreeRoam).
  13. Maybe Benxamix2 is right about the maps nowadays, but I think there is a problem with the Editor. I tryed to make map with custom objects, but the collisions are getting sh*tty after placing 10-15 objects. Benox told me that in the next version collisions will be fixed, so I hope we'll have more creative maps. Anyway I don't think that's a bad map. I think it's good start for Chivas, and I'm looking forward to see how he'll improve his mapping skills.
  14. I think you used a lot of good ideas. Keep it up.
  15. Nice for vol1. Thanks for sharing
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