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  1. i do that but i cant... i upload my file to megaupload, Can you help me plz? LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OSKS7VMW
  2. Now its done but how i can put in the server?
  3. I alredy used that program but i cant find the object!
  4. No, i want a texture, but i dont now were i can download cool textures ou how i can create a texture
  5. I alredy used google but i dont found... and yeah i want a diferent model
  6. Hi!... i see in some DD server a diferent model of "vgshseing28" and i want get one too... somebody can give me 1 model of that object plz?
  7. Hi! i need to delete some of accouts... where the accounts go with /register?
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