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  1. Hello guys. I need you help on a script i was doing. So.. i put this script server and client side (not at one time) but it didn't work. /debugscript 3 isn't showing some problems. Here is it: myMarker = createMarker ( 165.39999389648, 1973.5999755859, 23.60000038147, cylinder, 1.2, 0, 255, 0, 250, root ) myBlip = createBlipAttachedTo(myMarker, 56, 2, 0, 0, 0, 255, 0, 300, root ) createBlip ( -1315 , 2519 , 87 , 62 ) myTeam = createTeam ( Team1, 170, 255, 0 ) function MarkerHit( hitElement, matchingDimension ) if myMarker then setPlayerTeam ( source, Team1 )
  2. That helped me alot! Thank Oz!
  3. Thank you a lot Oz! That fixed the thingy, now its totally perfect. I would want to ask you one more thing. How you know which LOD for which Building is? For example if i want to delete an building, how can i find her LOD? Thanks!
  4. **Hello guys! I need your help. When i remove any objects from the SA map, which are big as building (not just bins, fences) their texture is still staying there. I see the objects, but i can go thru them. So what i want is to remove their texture or sth. Heres the code for removing the objects: addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), function() removeWorldModel(8842,200,x,y,z) removeWorldModel(8839,200,x,y,z) end ) This is server side! (for 'x' , 'y' and 'z' i am using the location of the objects, and '200' is the radius) Here are some pi
  5. 600er


    Hey wait, i think i know how.. hmm... If I add +00.001 to every gate on moveObject, I may get what i want.. Need to try that tomorrow!
  6. 600er


    Castillo, The one you did just moves the door. What i need it to rotate it to an angle, Cuz moving it wount do that work, thats why i need setElementRotation
  7. 600er

    Object Delete

    Thanks alot for help guys
  8. 600er


    Hey guys! Can you help me fix my gate pls? I have done it, and the doors open on radius. But when they close they stay like that. When I come closer then the gates just teleport to the open position. I want to make it to open slowly. This is my first gate using the "setElementRotation". I have used the "moveObjet" till now only. So please help me! Here is my code: Door1 = createObject ( 3050, 1459, -1492.599, 14.8, 0, 0, 74.998 ) Door2 = createObject ( 3049, 1456.599, -1501.399, 14.8, 0, 0, 254.745 ) Doorscol = createColCircle ( 1457.88, -1497.003, 7, 15 ) function openDoors(theP
  9. 600er

    Object Delete

    Sorry if this is not the right topic to post this. So, I am searching for the script, or mod, or what ever it is that removes object from the Original SA Map. My favourite server - SAES has this script allready on 1.2 and on the main page of http://mtasa.com/ there are 3 pictures. From this pictures I see that the original object (Some fences and sand) are removed, and on they place is putted a fire department station. I was thinking how great will be this script/mod for me when i started mapping on MTA 1.0, but now its released. If anyone knows where can i find it, the name, or something
  10. Think i haven't seen better scripter than you~!!! Do you have Skype account, i need to contact you for some stuff (if you want offc) My skype is: crazy600er , find me plox :PP
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