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  1. I made gui for that resource why cant you read:
  2. 1. Becouse RPG/Roleplays are most played servers on MTA 2. We only host it for free becouse we want out ad on it. 3. If you don't beleive me give me the contract and I will sign it
  3. It is all made by me, but nothing is unique.
  4. I have created completed RPG server and I will sell it for cheap price: $15 [AlertPay] and i will send you this server via link. Server Contains: - Jobs [Police, Mechanic, Hitman...] - Services [Cluckin' Bell, Well Pizza, BurgerShot, PayNSpray] - Houses [Over 100] - Job Panels [F2] - Skin Shops [Only Best Skins] .... If you are interested PM me... Price: $15 Thanks to: Mabako, JR10 and others.
  5. sorry i made a mistake 0.002 per slot
  6. We offer you cheap hosting. Here are the prices: - Slot Price Per Day: $0.002 [Max. 256] - Price for Hosting Per Day: $0.75 [Max. 30 ] [via AlertPay] We also have Free Hosting Solution: - Server Needs to Be RPG/Roleplay/Real Life - Have our logo in your server (We Will Add it) - Have our name in your server name (We Will Add it) - Have ads what will say our prices every 30 mins (We Will Add it) PM me if you are interested.
  7. Isn't .luac same as .lua, just changed extension.
  8. This is solved by JR10, rename your topic to SOLVED.
  9. Well, Cops can Arrest players, give them parking tickets, they can put a roadblock, accept, bribes. Traders buy stuff in Los Santos and sell them in Las Veturas travelling by ship. Mechanics fix cars by spraying them. Hitmen kill people what other players order them to. This script is creaded by JR10, but i made GUI. PS: There is also Casino in Los Santos.
  10. I have Window 7 MTA server and it works perfectly without errors.
  11. Well, it is possible to replace model, then you add script that will act this model as a weapon.
  12. What do you mean by that, all the colors are in color palette?
  13. I ave created new MTA RPG server called SAEG RPG. Currently we are looking for moderators. If you would like to be one PM me. On Server We Have: - Jobs - Services - Houses - Clothes Shop - Gun Shop - Pay'n'Spray Thanks to: JR10, Mabako and others Current Admins (0 left): [sAEG]Aaron Current Moderators(20 left):
  14. Learn scripting by yourself, but if you are so lazy to read, pay someone to do it.
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