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  1. thx guys, i know things goes fast in the video, but i made it like that so people would re watch it to see the details better its only a trick hehe
  2. mtasa:// Enjoy the video guys!
  3. Enjoy the video guys
  4. Enjoy the video, or the server
  5. danku meanwhile i added some saw music and traps, i will make more saw missions, i think 7
  6. hey, lately i'm working on a very big shop panel for my server, its not finnished yet, but i'd like to show the stuff that is done already there are scripts in it i made myself, and parts from the community, and parts from people who were kind enough to share stuff with me for my server the main purposes of this panel is to avoid putting time into showing players where to find what, its "almost" all in one panel and also to avoid to many gui's here are some details about the panel, if u like to play with it, come play on my server mtasa:// hello i have bin working a
  7. as the intruder of the base you have to get out savely with the ufo's guarded by the aliens inside the base you need to take out most of the aliens if you dont want to get blowned up while lifting of, you dont see them on the radar, but if you can buy wallhack to locate them, or you can just hunt on sight, wich i prefer. total of 17 aliens guarding the base with weapons like m4, snipers, minigun and flametowers some of them run after you, there are also on high spots to shoot you when u lift of note, i dont have something yet wich reset all the aliens to the normal locations after going a
  8. players need to draw their tag first, and then go to the locations to spray the tags they get payed, and wanted stars
  9. its a nice idea i tried before, but i didn't managed yet to add races when its not the gamemode atm players can start races where they want to against who ever they want to, they can do a command for a countdown but thats it, if they wanna race they need to go to the circuits or explaine to the others wich way to go... if somebody could help me out with that that would be great
  10. i made something simple where people have to "skate" and try to not fall down in the water the map i use for this activity is from this http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=5497 enjoy
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