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  1. RuP3r

    New animation

    so custom animations will be never supported in mta?
  2. RuP3r

    New animation

    Is there will be option to create a new fresh animation and import it to MTA ?
  3. Hey, does anyone knows how to save textures in these programs?
  4. RuP3r

    Adding new model

    Hey, I've got a problem. I've just created model with Google SketchUp, then imported it in 3DS Max, and Exported in .dff format, placed in Gta3.img, and I can't see it, what am I doing wrong?
  5. You mean I can't install it in my server?
  6. Yeah, so umh... I downloaded GTA Animations Manager, and its not an editer, I mean I want to create my own animation, is there are way? I know it is, but what way? (I know becuz of parkour mods,...)
  7. Rly? how about parkour mods? doh... -.- --------------------------------- Ok, I found some editors, but still... I can't edit, or at least I don't know how. (Gta Animation manager)
  8. Hey, Is there are some way to create animation yourself? Thanks, and sorry for my english.
  9. RuP3r

    Serveri starting

    OK, I got xampp, I have mysql, and I have these errors, what should I do? [2011-09-14 16:41:38] ERROR: Couldn't find meta.xml file for resource 'roleplay' [2011-09-14 16:41:38] Loading of resource 'roleplay' failed [2011-09-14 16:41:39] ERROR: Problem with resource: briefcaserace; Failed to link to killmessages [2011-09-14 16:41:39] ERROR: Problem with resource: ctf-hydrastrike; Failed to link to killmessages [2011-09-14 16:41:39] ERROR: Problem with resource: deathmatch; Failed to link to killmessages [2011-09-14 16:41:39] ERROR: Problem with resource: editor; [2011-09-14 16:41:39]
  10. RuP3r

    Serveri starting

    OK, but how to start server with mysql? I have xampp, what now?
  11. RuP3r

    Serveri starting

    lol, but how to register? when I join server, it just spawn me and thats it...
  12. RuP3r

    Serveri starting

    Read this : http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Admin I started server, but. I didn't got that much good, becuz of my english... I did good? If I did good, what to do next, in console "start admin" or F8, doesn't work now, so I think I did wrong ;/
  13. RuP3r

    Serveri starting

    How can I make myself admin? And how to enable admin panel? I mean, turn on, use it.
  14. Hey, nice job for the Redefined CLEO mods! How about redefining this:
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