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  1. Now when I do test inside the interior I've made it just freezes my guy and doesnt let me move, any idea? Maybe it had something to do with me switching the interior to nothing?
  2. Aright I can see them for now ill let you know if any other problems occur
  3. and I clicked on the top bar "Location" and done one of the safe house ones
  4. So if I done it outside the interior, it would work? I think even when I tried that it didnt work
  5. I haven't put much in there since that was just a test one to see if it was working or not
  6. When I press P nothing happens Ahhhh
  7. Yeh, I typed it in and it worked, a loading bar came up and nothing else... so I still think it doest work
  8. I go into map editor type in chatbox /start admin and nothing happens at all
  9. Where do I check if my map names have spaces also, My map names are one words ill try what that guy said now brb
  10. Please anyone? I've been having problems for a while now I got Windows 7 64 bit
  11. I already reinstalled it, and tried different versions..
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