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  1. I've made with my friend a Dutch site! It's about, Games, Anime, Television, Music and it's all in one forum! But it's Dutch, so for all the Dutch people, please go to http://www.gtaplanet.net and register to be a part of our community! http://www.gtaplanet.net > THA PLACE 2 BE!
  2. Dark Ghost


    http://www.dev-c.nl ! and http://www.gtaplanet.net for sure..
  3. Hey everybody, A lot of updates again! Check the site for the list, also we have reached 1000 visitors in a week! That's quite a lot I think, the site only exists a few days... Please register @ our forum, we want to create a very large GTA community! Today i've added tons of mods/skins/map/tools in the download db, so also check that. We also have some jobs free, so check those in the 'the crew' in the menu... Dark Ghost out... (find us @ http://www.gtaplanet.net )
  4. Yeah, i'm sorry a few problems with the DB! But it's going to be up asap... And thuesday my school is finished so i have much more time!!!! plz, send me also gr8 mods... in the menu u can send them
  5. I'm very much updating the site! Does anyone has some requests for subjects on the site? http://WWW.GTAPLANET.NET <-- ALREADY MORE THEN 100 UNIQUE VISITORS @ 1 DAY!
  6. Site works! And the new layout is done! please reg. to te forum! not al the subjects in the menu will work, i'm busy with th@!
  7. You can now reach us from http://www.gtaplanet.net ! Maybe it's not working for now, because u have to wait for the dns to update.. It's still under construction, but this weekend there is coming some information!
  8. @IJsVogel: I'm a betatester of YaMM, shudn't I be on the list? I'm on YaMM's list..
  9. YaMM site is down, we don't know for how long...
  10. Well, I was planning to make it only for GTA MP mods.. (so, gta3 and vc) But, were can I find information about it? yeah on this forum, the mainsite.. and other mods.. But is there enough about to start a site about it?
  11. I'm also with the YaMM-crew.. I'm the BETATESTER
  12. This is a GTA-site, it has many information about GTA3 and GTA:VC.. Not everything is yet online, but we are very hard working! But the forum is online, you can register yourself there. We also need moderators for that forum. The site is almost finished, and 23/7 up (yes, 23 )... And not so many negative posts back! URL's: http://planet.gtamp.net/ http://planet.gtamp.net/phpBB2/ Grtz, Dark Ghost
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