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  1. I can confirm this shit, they try to take other servers down and frequently threat people with taking their server down, it's really pathetic if you ask me. SKYPE: And I don't know about you guys, but I had this "Clen" in my Skype contact, and after daaays of advertising ovre Skype from his I just blocked that fool.
  2. tiesjan


    i want to be able to explode someone, that i type in the chat /explode [username] i don't know how to make that. anyone does? [edit] and how to make a gate that opens for a command
  3. tiesjan


    how to make a script, if i type /welcome that all player get this messagge "welcome [theplayersname] i don't know how to do that getplayername thing please help me
  4. yes but how to bind the "fix" command and the "b" key. if i press "b" in the game that my vehicle get fixt
  5. how to make a script that if i typ the commands /fix that i repair my vehicle and how to bind key b to that.....
  6. i want to make a commands like /neverblow to make your current vehicle indestructible but i don't know how and i can't find it in the wiki either.. the function is SetVehicleDamageProof please help or add a good example
  7. i don't understand the blip page because i ownly see a example of a blip atached to a player and i want to place one on the map with x y and z cordinates
  8. the problem is that is don't understand the wiki
  9. can somebody make a script for my because i don't know how. i want a script with blip 37 and the cordinates are x -667.90002441406 y 2309.3999023438 z 135.19999694824 please helping my with this
  10. tiesjan


    i need the color codes for script like in this line outputChatBox("test",thePlayer,255.255.255 i want the codes of red, white yellow,grey. just a couple of codes
  11. i am i beginner with scripting and it would be nice if you could make an example. if i typ the command /test ingame that i see: "this is a test" in the chatbox if i know this i can get futher in the mta scripting world
  12. tiesjan


    is there any way to convert scripts or gamemodes from sa-mp to mta????
  13. ik heb hulp nodig bij het scrijven van scripts, weet iemand een simpele uitleg voor hoe je scripts moet scrijven alvast bedankt
  14. i'm sorry but it don't work if i start the script and i type /help ingame nothing happens
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