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  1. Here is the script . You just need to get the player's vehicle and then use the fixVehicle command . function fix (playerSource) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (playerSource) if theVehicle and getVehicleController ( theVehicle ) == playerSource then fixVehicle (theVehicle) outputChatBox ("Your vehicle has been fixed !" , thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler ("fix" , fix)
  2. Also how can i create admin ? I didn't understand the whole part with ACL . How do i set my account on admin ?
  3. Also i have this login gui script . How can i add a register button too ? function createLoginWindow() local X = 0.375 local Y = 0.375 local Width = 0.25 local Height = 0.25 wdwLogin = guiCreateWindow(X, Y, Width, Height, "Please Log In", true) -- define new X and Y positions for the first label X = 0.0825 Y = 0.2 -- define new Width and Height values for the first label Width = 0.25 Height = 0.25 -- create the first label, note the final argument passed is 'wdwLogin' meaning the window -- we created above is the parent of
  4. I managed to make a script that when a player make a kill gets +100$ . But everytime i reconnect the money is reseted to 1000 (default value that i put) . How can i save the money he have when he log out and when he relog he get the same money he had last time . Also i thought about a little script about deposit money somewhere so not losing them when you die . I know how to make it but how do i save the money that have been deposited , and when they relog the money are still there ... Smth like this : function deposit(thePlayer, command, amount) local money = getPlayerMoney(thePlayer
  5. Thanks . But how can i store the kills that someone makes ? Like a scoreboard ? I need just an idea . Thanks .
  6. dranton17


    I wish to make a mode to count zombie kills . I have the ZDay mode . I want to make a script that counts the kills . Lets say for every kill the player receives 10 dollars . And also when the player has a number of kills 300 is spawned as an more advanced class with more weapons . Example : 0 kills - Civilian - SD Pistol : 300 - Kills - Police man - Deagle + MP5 etc . These features will be only avalivible to registered players . Thanks . I have the idea how to make it but i don't know very well how to write it into code (im new to scripiting ) . Thanks for help . *Also there is any host that
  7. I have the script that set the location to spawn when login but after someone die he is respawned at the basic place near Las Venturas . What is the script in which i can set the coordonates for respawn ?
  8. I created this tutorial for another community but i thought it's nice to share it with you too : *The video : *Watch in FULLSCREEN ! *Final result : *Here is a result after i worked a little more on it . So there are a lot of ways to do a signature . You need only imagination : Rate and comment .
  9. Thanks . But how do i set the zombie spawns because i can't find nothing in the editor related to that Zday.
  10. 1.How can i spawn some peds into my server . They don't need to move just to be in certain places or doin an animation ? There is any resource for this ? If yes how do i use it . 2.I took the zombie day resource but i don't know how to use it . I've put it in the resources folder but it didn't appears in editor neither in definitions or in gamemodes ? How to "install" it ? Thanks.
  11. I've made a map and i want to make some interiors but i don't know how to make that yellow arrow and teleport me to the desired interior . I've tryed the [REL]Teleport Editor but after i put the 2 markers when i press F5 to test it nothing appears on the places where markers are . Also i read that i can create my own teleports by scripting but i dont know how ? Thanks . *Also i have a problem with ZombieDay mode . I've put it in Resources directory but nothing appears in editor.
  12. put the teleporteditor.zip file to MTA/server/mods/dethmach/resources (or MTA/server/mods/dethmach/resources/[editor]) it should be only in one localization, else it will not work (so if you added it in many places you should delete it) than fallow this instructions: when you create the map you will find it somewhere in the resources folder (I did not created a new map in 1.1 yet, so I don't know exactly... )youre map will be a folder, not a zip file, meta.xml will be in that file. Open it with the notepad and add the line @solidsnake please read the first post carefully including the pos
  13. Im new to scripting . I want to add the Teleport definition : http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 08&t=32529. But i dont have any idea how to load definitions . Also i cant find meta.xml . Where i must put that files ? I've put them in a lot of folders but they still dont show up on the list from mta editor ? Thanks.
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