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  1. Pretty damn good movie trailer! Can't wait to see what the final movie looks like.
  2. lmao nice building hopping BD. I would've been funny if you jumped off.
  3. ROFL!!! Oh man, that was funny as crap. I've seen some crazy things in San Andreas (a plane crashing into a building out of no where), but that was by far the craziest lmao.
  4. wow... a song called i gotta pee... lmao BTW, i have nothing good to say about the clip so I'm just gonna keep it hushed.
  5. wow it's really starting to freak me out. lol
  6. OH MY GOD! That's fuggin weird
  7. Reaper... Things are being handled right now... I have the whole convo copied... And I'm sending it to an admin... We will see if you will be unbanned or not... Other than you will stay banned until further consideration... And BTW, watch who call an asswhole and maybe you wouldn't have been banned... And =BDC=Ron said you also tried to spawn kill him also... So an admin will let you know if you will be unbanned or not... I am not here to argue or anything...
  8. hmmm... Can I get a copy of that script scousefeej?
  9. Hey you guys there is this guy named Szakal, who uses health and armor cheats... Caught his health go red then go back to green when he was no where near health... Cocky little bastard... Makes a challenge then when somebody accepts it, he cheats... Watch out for this guy... BTW: He was a robber...
  10. Yeah I found out a few minutes ago that there is an imposter Bleednkuntz... But most people know who the real Bleednkuntz is
  11. One thing... BleednKuntz does not cheat. As long as I known him, he never cheats. Two... if you call throwing molotov cocktails cheating then you are a noob... So get your facts together before you start calling someone a cheater... Oh yeah about his health never moving... Was he paused? or was it something we like to call... "lag"
  12. hmmm... when did this happen because I haven't been online in a while? PS: I do admin/trustee both servers so may I be an assistance?
  13. lol it's working fine for me... Don't really know what to say about the vid. It was ok I guess... lol But the music... >_< such a happy sounding song for such a violent game lol Edit: Awesome ownage lol
  14. Don't know... It kind of looks like Vice under the Grand Theft Auto...
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