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  1. Well, i uninstalled 1.0.5 and then installed MTA 1.1 in diffrent folder, 1.0 was in gta folder but now MTA 1.1 is in "own" folder
  2. I would say no free lunches, trust only expensive hosts !
  3. Cool server u have, but not my type /sarcasm
  4. setWaterColor (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) Try to use: setWaterColor (34, 20, 240, 250)
  5. I cant open any file/can't create new file, it will go not responding and in 1-2 seconds will come windows dont send crash report and closes the program using windows 7 64bit
  6. Anything for simple members please ?
  7. hmm is crashing on me, anyone has 2.9.3 version of it ?
  8. I want BMW 3 series please
  9. Hello, is it possible to disable player from game while he is downloading server files ? I would only like to get functions for that please because at wiki there isn't any event like ondownloadfinish or something thanks
  10. Will Briggs died on 22 august, R.I.P
  11. Probably you did something wrong while moving your server from 1.0.5 to 1.1 cause none else has this problem, space still allowed
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