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  1. Thats 1 or 2 years ago. I bought it from Skotinka and you gave the resources to me: scoreboard,joinquit and deathlist
  2. If you like it or not, I bought the resources from Skotinka.
  3. I dont know how i can make that.
  4. Heey all, How can i detect if the map is a [DM] or [DD] by detecting with part of the map name? Admigo
  5. Thanks but the problem is the maps are random so i dont know how to detect the next map.
  6. Hi all, How can i make the ''Next Map:'' text above ''Map:''? I dont even know where i need to put the code and how i can detect it. Please, need help. Admigo
  7. Heey all, I bought some scripts from WTF but they didnt decompile it and know i cant edit anything. Anyone has the WTF lua compiler for me? I really need it. Admigo
  8. I know that. Map Manager is running.
  9. Heey all, I have a problem with my admin panel. It doesnt shows my maps in the list. And at resources they are shown. How can i fix this? Admigo
  10. I already fixed that. Read my message^
  11. Thanks! Worked great. Only i need one thing: The spectators name are colored that is good but only its not detecting the team color. How can i fix it?
  12. Heey all, I am using this resource of mta to show the players who spectate you but this resource doesnt work cause it shows none. http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=3136 Server side: [**********RRRRRRRBBBBBBB***********] [url=http://www.expertgamerz.clan.su]http://www.expertgamerz.clan.su[/url] << download script here local GATHER_FREQUENCY = 1000 -- how often in ms it should run the "spectator" function local playerData = {} local spectator_players = {} addEvent('onCameraTargetChange') addEvent('removeClient', true) addEvent('addClient', true)
  13. I mean my nametag color is different then my car color. I have the nametag hex color same as the decimal color code from the vehicle color. How can i get the same color?
  14. Thanks for reply. But why my vehicle dont give the right color same as nametag?
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