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  1. it said directx up to date and installed the latest builds, http://pastebin.com/XbaskJWV
  2. Hello all, i am having a very annoying issue, my game runs smooth for 2 to 3 mins, then it feels choppy, BUT my fps stays at 55 stable, even if it is stable 55 if feels choppy. I am having this problem when i use windows 7, when i use windows XP everything runs smooth and nice. but once i use windows 7 it lags, (i need windows 7 for bf3 and i dont like vista). My pc specs CPU : Intel Pentium G620 2.6 ghz @ 2.7 ghz GPU : Sapphire HD 6770 core clock overclocked to 780 mhz and memory clock to 1350 mhz RAM : 2 gb 1333 mhz @ 1066 because of the cpu HDD : 250 gb western digital 7200 rpm I tri
  3. All my drivers are up to date, anyways the funny thing is that, on 1440x900 res, FX quality set to very high, and draw distance to 90% + the streaming memory up to 550, it performs better, with a max GPU utilistation of 60% and cpu 50%, but it still fps drops a little bit
  4. Which is the best, setting streaming memory to max or to lowest? I am going to max out all the settings on mta and see if it still lags, cuz i can run MW2 on max, no way that i cant run this game with lags
  5. Sorry for the long answer, i actually fixed most of the problem, i formated my pc again, changed sata cables of the hardrive on the motherboard, cleaned my cpu fan etc, it got better, but now, it doesn't lag next to a car pickup, from time to time it tend to drop for about 0.5s which annoys me on clanwars, because everyone passes me. I hadn't this problem on the previous official update of mta 1.3, before this new one, however here is the dxdiag ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 3/26/2012, 21:43:30 Machine name: Overlord-7E9D16859 Op
  6. Well, it's easy, i just formatted my pc this morning because of a virus, now i installed the drivers etc... but ingame, when am next to a car pickup, or just while driving around, the screen freezes for 1 to 6 secs, causing major fps drops and everyone passes me and it annoys me. I wasn't finding such problems before formating the pc, so could i know what is the problem? is it from the cpu, gpu or the hard drive? my pc : dual core E2220 2.2 ghz radeon HD 5570 1 GB DDR2 2 gb ddr2 ram
  7. Well? i've got a clanwar this saturday and i really need to download maps..
  8. i've done that, it only downloads patch and tells you to click y to quit it after mta starts. That's not my problem. My problem is that i cannot download 600 maps in any DM server. so i can't play. @diego : yes like if i will wait 30 days again to wait for this bug to get fixed..
  9. Well i still have this problem. When a new map is started on DM server like DDC/ffs it starts downloading normally, then on the last part it starts stopping then it stops and gives me network problems. I've been told that the new 1.2 will fix it but obviously it doesnt I got 2 mbs internet downloads @ 230 kb/s I started having this problem since August, since the new mta came out and to be honest its a pain in the ass since i cant download most of the maps that have 600 kbs+ So please ccw start doing something to this problem I've been told you are responsable for fixing this bug, and i
  10. Any more ideas? because i have a clan war vs FOTL this saturday and i really to download maps...
  11. I already had that, didn't help. Also the hoster told me to change Network Encryption to off, i did it but still, nothing happens
  12. Hello again After this mta 1.1 came out, i cannot download DM maps wich have 800 kbs+, in old mta (1.0.5) i could download any map, hell i could even download 2 MBs resources with no problems at all. I thought it's because of the host, i tried other servers but still i had the same stupid error, i enter a DM server, a 800 kbs map starts, i start downloading normally, when i reach 750~ it starts slowing down, at 780 it stops, i get a black screen with network trouble. I have it on all server, and when i reconnect, sometimes it downloads well, sometimes same problem. I talked with CakeDad, i
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