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  1. Hi Flying Spoon, it's unfortunate that you got a bad customer service rep and it's possible there was a language barrier between you after looking through the chat. If you visit our discord, you can find reviews from real customers and receive the right support and information you require. Our Live Chat Support staff are based from different parts of the world to ensure 24/7 support, but if your not happy with that support rep or there is any problem you can always ask for another. Servers are hosted through a dedicated server provider based in France. If you would like to test a server y
  2. Hello my previous topic got removed because of security concerns, so I wanted to post again properly. Smarty Hosting is a Professional Game Server Hosting Company and runs on the backbone of it's mother company SmartyXweb. We are a group of programmers from the UK, Tunisia & America who have built up our company over the past year. We used to be part of the MTA:SA community ourselves and ran our own RPG server around 6 years ago and a few of our staff have released resources for the MTA community too. All Ultimate Packages come with a Discord Nitro Until 12/09/2020. We are curren
  3. Guys I said in the post I will update it later with more detail, thanks for the support from my old loyal team members.
  4. I don't use skype much, read the post I said I will not offer a price you must.
  5. Selling some scripts, contact me with how much you are willing to pay as I won't set a price. Some scripts need the other scripts to work, also I will update with more detail soon. All Sqlite based systems so no MySQL server required. Gang System: Set rank, set gang rights to invite kick set rank. Factions System: Invite players, set rank, set class, set faction rights to invite kick set rank and set class. Spawn System admins can create spawns for gangs only, factions only and normal players only easily with GUI. ATM system: Admins can add an ATM with easy command, player can click
  6. If you mean with a weapon then http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ails&id=57
  7. Ok what game mode are you using?
  8. executeSQLQuery There is examples on how to create a table and more there.
  9. The "onPlayerSpawn" event is triggered when the spawnPlayer function is used as far as im aware, so if your not using the spawnPlayer function it wont trigger the event. Post more of the script here or PM it too me.
  10. I don't quite understand, when you first spawn the player using spawnPlayer you then put the player in a vehicle? and now with this script you want to change the vehicle model to a random one? Please explain a bit more.
  11. Well do you want to use MySQL or the SQLite?
  12. http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=4571 If you didn't see that on the wiki, ETA: None We need to wait and sorry i can't say a specific time, i really want this too.
  13. addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), function(thePlayer) -- [url=http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnPlayerSpawn]http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnPlayerSpawn[/url] the first parameter returned is the x position. local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) vehicles = {602, 545, 496, 517, 401, 410, 518, 600, 527, 436, 589, 580, 419, 439, 533, 549, 526, 491, 474, 445, 467, 604, 426, 507, 547, 585, 405, 587, 409, 466, 550, 492, 566, 546, 540, 551, 421, 516, 529,513, 581, 510, 509, 522, 481, 461, 462, 448, 521, 468, 463, 586, 485, 552, 431, 438, 437, 574,
  14. If he is using the same one that i was sent by another user(pretty sure it's on community or something), it's the TXD or DFF that is corrupt, Brolis just find another dff and txd, replace the old ones by renaming it to the same name as the old txd and dff and put it in the same folder, it will work fine with new ones.
  15. May be my eyes but i can't see where playerFraktion is defined. Put this under "local Spawn = getElementData( source, "Spawn" )" local playerFraction = getElementData(source, "Fraktion") or 0 also use Lua tags like: [lua] code [/lua] That was annoying to write sorry i couldn't find a better way.
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