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    Hey, yes you can install multiple gta's. After you install, copy the "Gta San Andreas" folder wherever you want. Just make sure you don't mod the original installation.
  2. I remember waiting for the first mta to come out, then BAM! I won't lie, I was a little disappointed, but I thought "They have come this far, it should get much better!" Low and behold, it got WAY better, now I anxiosly awaiting the Blue platform so I can pwn some noobs in San Andreas, and have some lan parties at home teaching my friends humiliation. BTW what happened to MrBump? He and I caused much havoc, I wanna do it again!
  3. Hell yeah guys, Keep up the good work!!
  4. Yeah, lol and i'm a "new user" hahahah I was having some problems at home and well... nvrmind Guess i'll have to bring that post count up a bit now
  5. Not anymore, only for old games. Yes, sadly game sharing is not an option. Neither is playing on a psp capable of using iso's of umd's. Anyway, I'm glad the release is getting close and want to say thanks to all who are making this possible. (I have been a member for quite some time, following up on your work and releases, and enjoying them) Ahh the good old days, we shall have them again MTA rulez and always has
  6. I have not posted here in a while, but let me guess.... February 1 2006 I hope it's sooner, but I can wait as long as it takes. BTW great work, dev's
  7. MrRogers

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Yes, Prokopis listen to MRBump, he would not steer us wrong and i am sure the team is doing there best to make MTA as great as is humanly possible. (btw mrbump, that was your #666 post and very well put i might add.) Back to the topic. I originally voted for option 1 NOT because it would be released quicker.(possibly) I want to fly the dodo, and i didnt think it would be possible with option 2. if we could freeroam all 3 islands with dodo's, boats, etc. that would be my choice. I also want there to be good spawn of weapons and cars which seemed less likely with option 2. I dont care how
  8. MrRogers

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Option 1 Sounds good because of course there will be more servers and a choice of islands, plus cramming the most fun out of MTA is what it's all about isnt it? Option 2 however will probably take longer to complete plus the islands are so big, it would be difficult to play MTA, and always have someone near you to help/kill ya p.s. you guys are doing a great job as always, keep it up.
  9. Oops, sorry for the spam. ok. You should check the forums, cuz i believe you are talking about run time error 10047.
  10. The Idea of the game is awesome. I would definately pay for that. I also think Mikiro's chick should stay. She makes me smile
  11. MrRogers

    PS3/PSX News

    I bought a ps2 'cause i was tired of waiting for Vice on pc. Consoles are great cause they're pretty much portable, but if you are serious about games, a good pc beats all. Now what Sony's sayin that the ps3 might have a dvd writer, a nice hard drive, and a processor 1,000 times that of the ps2!?!?. (Cell, that is). Sounds like a good investment, and a Damn Powerful machine. I think I'll start saving early on this one.
  12. Well it seems like you've got pretty good control of it now, If you guys had stock, I would buy it up. VC Multiplayer Looks like the coolest thing, you should all be proud to be a part of it. You are taking the best video game out there and making it a hundred times better, Maybe R* will take the hint and implement it in the next gta. (or maybe they already tried and didn't succeed so scrapped the idea, who knows?) When me and my buddies play gta1 online, we all experience the lag like on mta, but it looks like you're working out those kinks with VC. Don't stop now!
  13. Cool movie. I like seeing the Apache in action, but i still don't know why you do not show TWO people in vehicles at the SAME TIME?? I am just anxious and Curious, Don't mean to yell, just trring to emphasize my point. ( you really are all doing a great job!!! i show mta to anyone who comes through my door, and they are alot and all impressed.)Keep it up.
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