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  1. Yeah I figured it's a big request, but it's worth a try. But if anyone knows where any of the parts are it's better than nothing.
  2. There's a model issue in GTA:SA that causes objects high up to be invisible when you're inside a vehicle, it's fixed in MTA however, I was wondering if anyone knows where that fix is located in the sourcecode? Would be very thankful for any tips.
  3. HeHu

    Map Editor Issue

    Basicly I've had this issue for some time now, tried reinstalling and everything. Sometimes my slow movement + Page Up / Page Down stop working, after I've mapped for a while I simply can't use ALT and Pg Up Pg Down (Slow movement, also affects slow rotation) anymore, nothing happens when I try to use it, any idea why this happens? The only thing that seems to fix it (temporarily) is to restart my PC
  4. You are one of those dumb kids who thinks that decoration makes the map. And you are one of the kids that flames everyone else if they like a map you don't. -- On topic; Kewl map but I don't like the downhill concept.
  5. I really doubt anyone would pay for this.
  6. Love your decoration, very relaxed.
  7. Jumping etc is what I think DMing is about, but you guys want to remove all those aspects and create something completely new that is totally different from the concept, why? Imagine if you started whining about skateboarding for example, that Tony Hawk always uses the same ramps and that he should make something new, or that Formula 1 drivers always uses the same type of tracks without new and unique idea, everything doesn't have to change completely. Think about it.
  8. He did however like the new benox map where you pretty much drive forward in a pipe all the time, so you never know.
  9. Our new feat map, thanks to Sealine for the recording and editing.
  10. Sloppy decoration, boring and poorly made track.
  11. you ARE a total attention whore "like I am". But instead of screaming against maps, you do it because of my attitude. Attitude which is right, as every new map is the same. I see you got fanboys too now, congrats.
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