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  1. Ох, как у меня сейчас бомбануло. : ( Печаль.
  2. Set MTA:SA to windowed in menu, installed 326.19, restarted. Doesn't launch on both standard and alternate; Direct3D CreateDevice error: 8876086a. Just this time screen doesn't flash for a minute before showing error. Oh, and windowed mode works perfectly under 314.22.
  3. Yeah, sure. But by latest do you mean the beta 326 drivers, or current 320?
  4. I remembered that before I updated to 1.3.3 I also updated Nvidia drivers, so I decided to roll back to 314.22. None of suggested above worked until I installed 314.22 Nvidia drivers (previously had 320-something and later 326.19 beta as Townciv suggested;) once I did that, I managed to launch latest 1.3.3 nightly on standard. Screen still flashes but only 1-2 times then game launches; normal FPS in game again. This is really weird if you ask me. This seems to be a MTA problem since GTASA SP works well regardless of driver version. Something should be done because not everyone is willing to
  5. Nvidia: Direct3D CreateDevice error: 8876086a Doubt I ever had last build of 1.3.2 installed, though. Works using integrated.
  6. Works now, yeah, but I get like 10-25 FPS... All the objects load slowly: this is nothing like 1.3.2 on Nvidia. I just want to play like I played 1.3.2...
  7. Updated. American Megatrends Inc. N53SV.215, 09.01.2012 Standard/standard + exe rename cause screen to flash, like previously. Alternate/alternate + exe rename give Direct3D CreateDevice error: 8876086a
  8. American Megatrends Inc. N53SV.209, 10.02.2011 :<
  9. Installed, restarted laptop, etc. Still doesn't work. Still getting the flashing/blinking effect on standard; on alternate it doesn't start at all. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/927347430
  10. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/807023350
  11. I set to Nvidia, but still same stuff on all 8 options. I give up.
  12. Yeah, I have the latest patch. None work. My screen starts blinking; I can't do anything: can't even kill the process because everything freezes. I can't start it; it says MSVCP110.dll is missing. :<
  13. Hey, people, Just wondering whether there's a version of 1.3.3 without any "support" for Nvidia Optimus which makes the game unplayable and gives you a dozen of options, none of which work? That help page asked me to download some patches which fixed nothing and drivers that I already have. 1.3.2 works better than perfectly on this computer; anyone else with this problem? Will appreciate any assistance.
  14. Anybody else with this problem?
  15. Impressive. It will be very nice to have the ability to use custom models that are not replacing default ones.
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