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  1. Sorry for a late response, I was on a field trip for 2 days. diegofkda, thank you so much. The names of the .map file and map src line were not the same, so I corrected the map src line name with the name of the .map file. Thanks for helping.
  2. I already did it earlier, check the upper postings on this topic. If I need to download the latest resources again, does this mean that I have to do it like every day to keep working on my server?
  3. [16:41:31] ERROR: Couldn't find map DMZ mapa 1.map for resource DMZ_map [16:41:31] Loading of resource 'DMZ_map' failed [16:41:31] ERROR: Couldn't find map DMZ mapa 1 nastavak.map for resource DMZ_map_1 [16:41:31] Loading of resource 'DMZ_map_1' failed ERROR: Couldn't find map DMZ mapa 1.map for resource DMZ_map Loading of resource 'DMZ_map' failed ERROR: Couldn't find map DMZ mapa 1 nastavak.map for resource DMZ_map_1 Loading of resource 'DMZ_map_1' failed
  4. diegofkda, I can't save the map at all, because i can't open it in the ME, and I can't open it because it isn't on the list of maps, even though I have it on the MTA folders. I changed the name of the .map file to DMZ_Mapa_1, went to the Map Editor, clicked the Open and the map is still not on the list. I will post some pictures, maybe they can help to explain the problem a little more. Here are the folders that I have for the MTA maps, gamemodes, etc. , including the 2 maps I mentioned before: http://i51.tinypic.com/214vc6c.png (sorry for the On-Screen Keyboard, I have printscreen button
  5. Err, guys, i have some more problems that just appeared, and since i dont want to open a new theme explaining it, i'll just post on this one. PROBLEM #1 Couple of days ago, i started to work on a new map. I didn't finish it, so i saved it so i can finish it the next day. When i continued to work on the map, i tried to overwrite the old one with the new one. I don't know what happened, but it didn't want to overwrite the map, but rather it said that the map already exists and that i cannot overwrite it. I saved it on the different name and it worked. The first map is here: D:\Program Files
  6. Thanks, it works perfectly now.
  7. When MTA 1.1 got out, i downloaded it and tried to open the map editor and it failed. i saw a lot of people complaining about the bugs on 1.1 so i thought maybe someone else has the bug i am reporting now. 1.1.1 came out, i downloaded it and the problem is the same. When I want to start the map editor, this comes out: http://i51.tinypic.com/11aziiw.jpg I wait for 20-30 minutes and it still won't start the editor. I deleted the MTA SA and downloaded it again, same result. Can someone help me?
  8. Thanks for the tip, i'm sure it will come in handy
  9. JR10, thank you so so much, i just found out what the problem was, the script didn't work because i wasn't logged in as admin and it didn't create the vehicle when i entered the /createvehicle. It works perfectly for now, i will leave this open for a little while just in case something about that is screwed again. Once again, JR10 thanks.
  10. Can you please tell me how do i login on an admin account. I apologize, i'm new to MTA scripting and i really don't know how to do it.
  11. it says ingame "Access denied to 'debugscript'. I tried to enter debugscript myserver in the server console and it says "The syntax is 'debugscript ' EDIT: Yes, i started the resource, written /createvehicle with the car ID i want to spawn, there was NO car, NO error, like what i posted up here never was in the script.
  12. i need some help. i've started to learn how to script on MTA and so I read the Scripting Introduction on MTA wiki and started making some steps that are being displayed at the page. everything worked well and then i came to the part where is the code for vehicle spawning.at first, i copied the finished code after reading the entire part on the subject and when i started the server, it worked well. i saved the script and the next day it didn't work. i tried to rewrite it myself, i tried everything i could've imagined to get it fixed and it didn't work. I am talking about the following code:
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