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  1. Ill try, thank you!
  2. Map Editor ACL ? Where is? resources - [editor] ?
  3. Hello dear community. I'm making my v. 4 called "Icy Island" and I would to use the tool CSM to make some invisible shades CSM Tool video : But, well.. I got a problem with creating CSM.lua inside my map's folder.. and that's what happened in my local server's console : ( I can't do the step on 0:33 of the video )
  4. Standard version of what?
  5. This doesn't help me, sorry.
  6. Hello community. I got a dedicated computer ( Windows Server 2008 ). I would to make some servers on it, then i tried to make an MTA Server, but then i get a problem : Join the server -> Playing on it some time -> Connection Timed Out. Now, i think i know what's the problem, but i need your help. The files server for a dedicated are different, right? Cause i installed the server in the classic mode (with the setup -> Server Only) So, how to install an MTA Server in a Window Server 2008? Thank you.
  7. Spyke25

    Objects bug?

    So the community is working to fix it?
  8. Spyke25

    Objects bug?

    I got a bug; Is a bug that show the objects under water . . Screen : http://oi40.tinypic.com/29z7p60.jpg Someone else has this bug?
  9. I asked here cause i dont know lua, but if nobody can make / explain me this script, no problem, i will ask away.
  10. Oh ye, you all right, the default is ok. BTW, what i need to edit then?
  11. With strange characters i mean : http://oi41.tinypic.com/4zsvaw.jpg
  12. Oh, you all right, that's just rankingboard.lua. But man, rankingboard_client.lua contains strange characters o,o
  13. Ok, it contains : RankingBoard = {} RankingBoard.__index = RankingBoard RankingBoard.clientInstances = {} function RankingBoard:create() local result = { id = #RankingBoard.clientInstances + 1, items = {} } RankingBoard.clientInstances[result.id] = true clientCall(g_Root, 'RankingBoard.create', result.id) result.joinHandler = function() result:playerJoined(source) end addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', getRootElement(), result.joinHandler) return setmetatable(result, self) end function RankingBoard:clientCall(player, fn, ...) clientCall(player, '
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