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  1. All Ready Tryed Pass And Username Dont Work!
  2. Cant Be On At 00:00 Be On Early Though
  3. Can You Help Me, Ive Tried Many Different Things To Open Ports, Going Through Firewall Ext But Nothing Works When I Type open Ports It Says Port... closed players cant...
  4. Cant Waight Till Server Opens Can You Pm Me the pass you put on server so we can play on it together?
  5. I Would Like To Join as administrator or modirator I Dont Mind Hard Work Friend. Thanks Tiger/Maky55
  6. Thanks For All Your Guys Help... Just One More Question How Do I Assine Them To A ACL Groupe? Can Soeone Give Me Instructions??? Thanks Maky55!
  7. Now Does Anyone Know How To Put A Password On Them?
  8. I Figerd What I Done Wrong: On This One I Missed Look Witch Is Supposed To Be For Reserve Just Above Skin Name For Specil Forces : <skin name="Reserve" id="287" > <spawnpoint x="213.24" y="1906.74" z="17" rot="269.57" /> <skin name="Specil Forces" id="287" > <spawnpoint x="213.24" y="1906.74" z="17" rot="269.57" /> </skin> This One I Didn't: <skin name="Reserve" id="287" > <spawnpoint x="213.24" y="1906.74" z="17" rot="269.57" /> </skin>
  9. Is There Something Wrong With This?: Old: <class name="National Guard" friendlyfire="false" > <info text="National Guard is not finished." /> <color red="51" green="102" blue="0" /> <skin name="Reserve" id="287" > <spawnpoint x="213.24" y="1906.74" z="17" rot="269.57" /> </skin> <weapon id="46" ammo="1" /> <weapon id="24" ammo="66" /> <weapon id="31" ammo="133" /> <camera> <position x="354.
  10. Well I Dont Know Why Its Not Working... I Need Help With This... Can Someone Edit It And Post It On Here To See If Ive Done Something Wrong? Thanks Maky55
  11. Start Fresh Can I Actually Add new Spawn Types Like Air Force And Special Forces Or Cant I?
  12. they are all to do with a different resource!
  13. No It Still Wont Show Anything On my Server.... Weird
  14. Ow Mines Zipped! Ill Try It Unzipped!
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