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    Does anybody KNowhow to get the matrix for the cam pos?
  2. A nother Shit RP server with a Shitty Name.
  3. Kaysomebody has ur scripts then...
  4. OKay please do not join MixRoleplay iits owned by 2Dope my internet has bean down for about 3 hours ever since he made complaints about me via PM he was going to DDOS me or something so I would not join it again YOU don't want to get Hacked like i did
  5. Jason you are using RP(vG)Gamemode MySQL so this will not work with those type of accounts.
  6. Does anybody know where the ACL accounts are saved?
  7. I guess ServerFFs when they finaly update and fix bugs or use or J-S.
  8. If you need anything or scripter then contact me on bradymac1@Hotmail.com
  9. Its the san gate file you have to go into the gate-system and rename San Ext.lua to SAN Ext.lua and that will fix it.
  10. Twitsz

    MTA Paradise

    Thanks lol it was doing something wrong i fixed it.
  11. Twitsz

    MTA Paradise

    Does anybody know wheir i can find the sql Database file for MTA Paradise or can someone give me it thru a link.
  12. I have only command i found was /fixdmv
  13. Does anybody know the command?
  14. Hello i was wondering if anybody knows how to add a DMV Vehicle to any vehicle i have tried and im not sure do you know?
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