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  1. It's not exactly like that. I've seen servers that use scripts from the community and get more players than original good servers such as SAUR. Furthermore there was a server called "Default MTA Server" which didn't had any scripts and it used to get 40 players sometimes 50. So I think MTA needs this feature.
  2. Cool idea. Well yeah, the problem with haters is difficult, but this can be solved by making rate ability available only to people that are logged in MTA (in that "community" center).
  3. This is amazing. Finally MTA gets what it really deserves. Congratz
  4. Ok thanks. Its just when I open the server it happen to be a local server, I guess I'm doing something wrong with the ports. Thanks anyways.
  5. The point is that its not "MTA serial" but the real serial number of your computer (or some of your computer's parts, can't say exactly) so there is no way to unban yourself unless you play on other computer. It's different with IP bans of course, which you can easily change.
  6. DizAster


    Thats's flaming. Also "you are pointing your flamethower in the wrong direction"? He didn't flamed you, at least I don't think he did. Now I suggest you guys to stop fighting and discuss the server that was meant to be discussed here in the first place.
  7. When you open the following link: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Server_Manual#Windows_installation, and try to "Go to the download page", the link lead you to the main http://www.mtasa.com page. Maybe it happended after you changed the website domain idk. This need an update I guess. Thanks.
  8. DizAster


    Ffs, what's so wrong with being "Anonymous"? A lot of people use an already existent name for their team. On topic: Good luck with this project guys.
  9. Usa o "Map Editor" Nao percebi muito bem esta. Mas se queres fazer um server de Mafia Wars precisas scripts que o suportam. Procura esses scripts em "Community" ou aprende Lua.
  10. Podias baixar os graficos do MTA no "Settings" > "Video". Ou tenta jogar em servers onde os mapas sao "originais", isto e, nao se utiliza muitos objectos criados. O FPS tambem depende da quantidade de jogadores no server.
  11. Same beta test as always. Spammerz and tank guys. Too bad we hadn't played race or any other gamemode.
  12. DizAster

    Hide Ip adress

    How will they hack you server by knowing your IP? Only if you mean DDoS attacks, but to prevent that you need to put some kind of security to your server.
  13. DizAster

    GTA V/SA

    Well, it does look a little better, but is probably due to the fact that GTA IV it self doesn't show too much colors. And the guy playing GTA IV didn't played in full graphics (probably). Also, note that trailers use to be better then the game it self, so don't judge GTA V by the trailer.
  14. DizAster

    Hide Ip adress

    Dunno if you can hide it, but you can change it. Lol, but why whould you hide your IP?
  15. DizAster

    swat ropes

    I thought that these ropes were already possible to use in earlier MTA versions. Oh well, more reasons to be happy with the 1.2 release.
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