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  1. Хотелось бы видео, а то скриншоты мало о чем говорят. Правда. они сказали, что видео будет скоро.
  2. новые скриншоты http://www.multiv-mod.com/wp-content/up ... 24x560.jpg http://www.multiv-mod.com/wp-content/up ... ingame.jpg
  3. Hi there, it has been a while I played MTA but I got the itch again and decided to install the latest version. Problem is that 3 out of 4 times I will get a "connection timed" out message when trying to connect to any server. Sometimes I just wait for a while and then I can join. Another weird thing that happens is when it fails to connect to a server, right after that my firefox isn't able to reach any site. At the same time I can still refresh my server list. I know that this might lead you to think that my internet is just spazzing out. The thing is that it only starts spazzing out wh
  4. Cars flipping over and the like isn't what I call better synch. They're just selling the same shit with a nicer ribbon around it. SAMP will die out.
  5. From watching the player numbers, MTA is doing a comeback . I see more servers getting players and theres actually 700 people playing now. We used to barely get to 400.
  6. I liked 0.5 how it was. The lag, the horrible desynch. It all had it's charm ...I'm starting to sound like a samper.
  7. Kosmo

    MTA is laggy

    MrGreen is smooth for me.
  8. Kosmo

    Player Limit

    The playerlimit being raised would be a blessing and will definately mean the euthanisation of our retarted cousin.
  9. Thank you for this release - boosted our playerbase significantly
  10. When they are all nicked more will be added. We can add them ingame anyway.
  11. Kosmo


    It's all about getting good vantage points and picking the right weapon for the right situation. Slick stuff like luring them after you and dropping a nade behind a corner helps alot as well
  12. I think this would be a great opportunity to reinstate signatures. We are at the crossroads of bringing the MTA community back to life. Signatures where people can represent their server in, or whatever aspect of MTA they want to promote, can contribute to weaving a new fabric for the community. Of course size restrictions have to be set up.
  13. Sounds more like a TDM, but sounds great!
  14. Why would they still waste time on MTA race when they have a stable version of MTA 1.0 that can do the exact same thing and more... ?
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