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  1. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=488 this resource has caused the whole server to STOP and has also forced the admin panel to STOP --- [2019-10-02 13:36:22] WARNING: Long execution (customcarnames) [2019-10-02 13:36:27] WARNING: Long execution (customcarnames) [2019-10-02 13:36:28] WARNING: customcarnames\carnames.Lua:18: Bad argument @ 'xmlNodeGetAttribute' [Expected xml-node at argument 1, got boolean] [DUP x36300] [2019-10-02 13:36:28] WARNING: customcarnames\carnames.Lua:17: Bad argument @ 'xmlFindChild' [Expected xml-node a
  2. السلام عليكم، أقدم لكم هذا السكربت الذي صممته يقوم بقفل سيارات الخدمة فقط للموظفين فمثلا جميع سيارات الجيش للصعود إليها يجب أن ترتدي زي الجيش، أما إذا كنت ترتدي زي مدني ستظهر لك رسالة في خانة الشات تمنعك من صعود السيارة تم تصميم هذا السكربت لقفل مختلف سيارات الخدمة في اللعبة هذه لائحة بالسيارات التي تم قفلها ليتم إستخدامها فقط من قبل الموظفين الشرطة: تم قفل جميع سيارات الشرطة ليتم إستخدامها فقط من طرف اللاعبين الذين يرتدون أزياء الشرطة رقم 280 و 281 و 282 و 283 و 288 دراجة الشرطة: عند محاولة قيادة الدراجة النارية الخاصة بالشرطة ستظهر لك رسالة بأنه عليك إرتداء الخو
  3. Hi there, just open the files with a programe like ' edit lua 2012 ' and you will find all the commands that you will need, good luck
  4. hei there, I want to make a script that can be used to make a player that goes to a marker he automaticly teleport to somewhere else what functions should i use ? @ thanks
  5. Hei Callum, where to put this? string exec ( string $command [, array &$output [, int &$return_var ]] ) in index.php ? and what should be changed in the this ligne ? also how about IP and Port, how they are selected ?
  6. Hei there, i have 3 problemes with mta paradise 1- can't make faction ( and i'm already an admin ) 2- can't find the city hall entrance in SF 3- how to make a player own a vehicule thanks
  7. mizzo_boston

    Game monitor

    I see in my console that game monitor unavailable whats happed with the game monitor site? down or maintenence?
  8. mizzo_boston


    there is no fbi.com this is the fbi website : http://www.fbi.gov/
  9. mizzo_boston


    MTA will be also prohibited under the law of SOPA ? PLEASE we need an official announcement about this, thank you
  10. Hei, Since MTA was ranked N.1 in this year's ModDB Mod I suggest to open a new topic for everyone who wants to design a new Logo and background for the new MTA 1.3 ( In a specified period 2or 3 weeks ) In the end, the best design will be selected by the MTA Team for the MTA 1.3 This is only my view, thanks
  11. mizzo_boston

    MTA 1.1 Chat

    Hei there , i just wonder how the change the 'Z' Key for the voice chat on my own server Thanks
  12. I Have the same probleme with my server , i think it comes from the respawn car resource
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