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  1. I have got this problem that whenever I create a dxRectangle and on top of it a dxText with the same sizes, Always the text has different width and height, I don't know why. the thing is I want to convert the rectangle width and height so it become the same as the text's width and height, is there a calculation for that ? http://imgur.com/a/ThWmn
  2. I have a script that contains 2 client files, let's assume they are called scriptClient1.lua and scriptClient2.lua I created a function in scriptClient2.lua and want to use this function in scriptClient1.lua without exporting it in the meta.. is that possible ? and how ?
  3. I guess I resolved it, I took the coordinate and tested it against water from all directions and to ensure there is no obstacles I added 500 to the z value. I am still testing it to make sure that it is 100% accurate, but as far it seems working well.
  4. Wouldn't work, isElementInWater doesn't work with colshapes. As far as I tried it only works with players and peds.
  5. That wouldn't work as there are many water sources and their area could be huge and distance between points won't be as accurate as I want it to be.. also I know there isn't a function that achieves that easily, am asking for a method or and idea that may accomplish what I need, actually I myself had idea of test lines against water from all directions but figured that won't work too because there may be obstacles in the ways of the lines.
  6. I want to know if a specific coordinate is near water, I can't think of a method that can do that. Thanks in advance
  7. yea.....it's already in DDC
  8. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=621
  9. SparkzZ


    meta.xml ? ;D u mean acl or meta ?
  10. SparkzZ


    /debugscript 3 when i open f7: WARNING:race_starter_pack\server.lua:490: Access denied @ 'getClientIP' ERROR:race_starter_pack\panel_c.lua:113:attempt to concatenate local 'ip' (a nil value)
  11. SparkzZ


    i downloaded race_starter_pack and when i open F7 Help !
  12. k /debugscript 3 WARNING:Loading Script Failed:push/push.lua:9: ')' exepted near 'pushes' Script now addCommandHandler("push", function(p, c, t) local pushPlayer = findPlayer(t) if pushPlayer then local pushVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(pushPlayer) if pushVehicle then local speedX, speedY, speedZ = getElementVelocity(pushVehicle) setElementVelocity(pushVehicle, 0, 0, 0+0.2) outputChatBox("getPlayerName(p).." pushes "..getPlayerName(pushPlayer).." up!", root, 255, 0, 0) end end
  13. now it's outputChatBox("getPlayerName(p).." pushes "..getPlayerName(pushPlayer).." up!", root, 255, 0, 0) after i did this script not working can u give me Script with colors coz i tryied but when i put "getPlayerName(p).." with colors didn't work if i removed " it works
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