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  1. ye kk ty i'll try to fix them if i had any probs i'll post in here Thanksbb..
  2. mmm in my gamemode meta or dxscoreboard meta? cause i have the same prob with the /me cmd!
  3. hello i have prob with dxscoreboard My name colour hex codes appear in it
  4. Arshavin


    when i press tab in-game how to make it change add money in it and stuff and change the normal one when u enter ur server
  5. is there no register/login system in window Made for race servers?
  6. Arshavin


    is there a way to convert my client.lua to server.lua? and meta.xml to save with this convert?
  7. Arshavin


    yee! soo? whts happening?
  8. Arshavin


    look i open the race in mods > Deathmatch > Resources > race > img and copy them with same name they are named with! then i go to server and double click it and then do start race and get in server i play a map i find them countinhg down the normal ones!
  9. Arshavin


    i do change them then open the server they get reseted to the normal white ones! thats my prob!!
  10. Arshavin


    how to change things in my server for example the countdown_0 and stuff? i cahnge them and then open server it reset them again!
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