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  1. It sounds like you know where you're yalking about, my personal knowledge stops with understanding a little of the scm structure. It would indeed be a far more difficult task to implement this download feature, but it will be a longer lasting one. As i understand the problem is in the fact that modding requires a changed scm as well as mta does, therefore the multiplayer part of the scm should be isolated and referring to the "mod scm(witch is variable) anyway, that was the reason why i asked if main.scm could link to another scm file, if that is the case then all data witch is mod dependabl
  2. ---With this street racer mode, the instaler would include the "radar##.TXD" files which would replace the existing radar textures in the "GTA3.IMG" file. This would be done when you run the installer executable. --- Of course it would be an easy task to do this, and they might even just do it because its a great idear, but there are a lot of people with great idears, and it would simply not be possible to realise all idears, at least not for 1 team. The fact is that if auto download is enabled new mods do not need to be implemented one by one by the mta team, but by the users themselves. As
  3. Your suggestion of removing weapons, implementing radar e.d. sounds pretty nice, and would indeed help solving lag problems. But don't you think that if the team is able to implement a map/mod download function, these mods will come by themselves?
  4. Hehe, my condolences for your internet connection;) But besides that, if only the main.scm gets compaired and if necessary gets uploaded, then minimal data transfer will be added in front of the game. I doubt that it would desturb a lot of people,..furtermore it would guarantee legal servers with up to date and compatible game data resulting in more stable gameplay. As for the function itself, i dont think it should be to hard to implement this in the server/client because of the fact that it stands lose of the actual gamedata.
  5. Hi again, A simple solution against cheating, modding etc(main.scm based). This option would enable users to use custom (main.scm based)mods as well. Like seen in a lot of online games, if you dont have the mod, auto download from server and connect, this way all modified main.scm's will be detected as 'not the propper mod installed' and the server will auto update your vc...e voila.. Now this option would SERIOUSLY change the feeling of mta, all kinds of servers would pop up with all different gametypes, and if this option would be upgraded to check the entire Gtavc file st
  6. Hi again.. couldn't help recalling those nice times in older gta's i had placing hiding, stashing or dumping cars, also i kinda miss the wreck all cars in town times... i other words.. suggesion a: longer timeout for replacing vehicles suggestion b: alternate gammode; kinda like chairdance, but with cars,...kinda like last car standing, or im the car of the wooorld!..euh..so all people will ruin all cars in town, and the last player in a car won, with wrecks as frags:)....or so..anyway...gotta relogin..cya
  7. HI there, first of all i would like to start of with a big congratulation on your game, not only did you succeed to manage team related problems, netcode problems and stability(although people might debate on this one:) but im sure it started of far less stable. Besides all this you managed to implement a greatly inspired gameplay that even in this early stage keeps me(and my friends) trapped behind my(..or our) monitor:) as a product of my gametime, here some suggestions.. -the names (f10) used, use perspective, in gta(at least on my 800x600 res) you need to get very very close to know who
  8. hahaha, i thought u all joined forces... mta and the other mod.. now 1 guy goes on a holiday, and all work stops.. lol .lol lol i LOVE IT TO BE RIGHT!!!!! MTA GOES NOWHERE!!!! (and now all of u little basterds for the first time are in your right to be pissed off by my message) because i am going to flap it all out. mta is losing the game..fading away.. crumbling to dust..or even better.. just forgotten in time..... because TIME IT TAKES..LAZY BASTERDS GET OUT OF YOUR BEDS!!!! THIS MOD WILL NEVER FINISH!!!! (now to go to the promoting part) GTA3T VC RULES!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT IS ONLY ONE GUY.
  9. sure i understand that mta has a lot of features, but the question is, in what order are these features desirable. you could make nice animations, implement game modes and so on and so on, but what really is needed is a stable netplay. \if i see the news about planning to implement gta3 in gtavc, and a lot of secondairy features at a stage where a stable multiplay community is so fragile. i have not ever said that mta sucks, or has a lot of bugs, and the people that keep on shouting are probably 12 or just stupid. most of planned updates are not really primary..at least thats my opinion...and
  10. damn man, i had to reply to all those agressive reactions on my opinion... i dont remember who responded that agressive, but you suck!!! gta3t on gta3 indeed sucks...however theyr new version works on vice city. indeed without animation and so, but he updates the versions..i did not see mta do that as much as drako alone. i did not post the previous mail to promote gta3t(and if it sucks as bad as you say, or has so little potential, then there is nothing to feel threatend about ..is there) anyway.. the reason of that mail was because at least i lost interest because of no updates, half of mods
  11. o dear, visiting this page to check the progress i find a very sad announcement:( mta will make it go/gta vc, netcode, carcode etc. etc.. this sure looks to me as if the crew got a little out of focus, and the next release will come after the community died and faded away. my meaning is that it is important to make stable netcode, and that is enough for an update. car code finetuning as nr2 and then map editing, and mission creating..i guess at the end gta3t is winning the game. They have the only working, and productive crew, already public on gtavc at page: http://gtat-playing.de.vu/ anyw
  12. omg every designer is on vacation...lol looks like my modding weekend didn't finish:) btw gta3t is gone vc (although again no cars and he on vacation:) cya
  13. will the next version of mta still be made? my guess is that all efford is now in mta vc, and if so, i guess some net problems are allready fixed, and maybe even some extra animation or stability. why not just release 0.34c with this fixes and then relaxely continu building gtavc.. -better netcode -ingame chat are the main features to keep community (hint.. i was modding around with mta,ggm to see if i could make it more stable and interesting (and actually to keep buissy this weekend:) but anyway.. then i found out that sending an icq would sometimes project the icq message as a chat inga
  14. of course not the server should adapt, but the clients, so that when you logon to a server your client will compair and download. anyway, at this point i dont believe the server/client is much more then coordinate send/recieving and games like unreal etc work the way i describe, so maybe its hard, but there are a lot of examples around. besides this server/client upgrade mods can indeed be used if people name theyr servers so the we know what to install. i have 2 mods installed, and as far as i know, it doesn't cause lag or unstability. i use wall ramp v.10 and ultimate stuntpark v1.5 i did
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