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  1. Hello guys! I present my new map. Its not what i exactly wanted to make,also,i wanted to make it harder,better,longer,but when i found a job,i was unable to find enough time for mapping,so i finished it quickly. Its quite short,medium hard map. Its not that bad,but its not my full potential. I think this is last map from me,if not forever then in this year for sure. But no one will grief too much... Who likes my maps anyway? SUBSCRIBE!
  2. Alright thank you for the information.
  3. [Ne]OxGnKiSh


    Koliko ja znam (a ne znam puno) tvoj PC nema nikakve veze sa serverom (u smislu da ti treba 100GB Rama i procesor od 6 jezgara) vec samo neki softveri sa kojima ces upravljati serverom. Dodatne informacije ces dobiti on administracije tog hostinga,takodje savetujem ti da ti pomogne neko koga znas,a da zna kako se sredjuje server. Nadam se da sam bio od neke pomoci
  4. Hello dear community! Well this is a question mainly for MTA team. Is it possible to make a recorder (demo). Well if you ever played a CS 1.6,and i beleve many of you did,you surely know about it. It basically records everything you do when you enable it,till you stop it. And those files are not big at all (5 minute demo is about 3-5 mb if i am not wrong). So after it you just open your console and type /play demo (demo name),or whatever i forgot it. And then you can record it with fraps. I think this could be very useful,cuz it wont make a game lag like when recording with fraps and it will m
  5. Hey guys,its my 8th map so far. I wanted to make something new so i mixed "Night" and "Tropical" styles. Some parts might look old school,but i started a map 2 months ago. Also i am more experienced after this,so i'll make much much better maps in future. Also i would like to know which style is better? Which style i made better,so i can decide how are my next maps going to look like...
  6. Hey Guys! Empty asked me to record his v3 as well. So enjoy!
  7. Heyo! Thi is [E]mpty's 2nd map! Rate,comment and subscribe for much more!
  8. This is my 7th map! And my 1st DD map! So rate,comment and of course subscribe! Download link is in description!
  9. Ye i know but i wanted to do it as fast as i can Anyway ty
  10. Hello all! This is my new map! So rate,comment and subscribe!
  11. Great. 1.3 Is out and my server is still on 1.1 -.- . I freaking hate that host.
  12. This is my friend Breakers new Map! Rate,comment and subscribe! Watch in full HD...
  13. Any good NEW tip how to fix it? This problem became unbearable... It is not map download problem. Problem is "Bad server response" now... It is annoying -.-
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