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  1. THX for the help i use isTransferBoxActive perfect for my login script
  2. How can i find out when a player comes in my server he is dowloading? So that my login kick not kick him when he is still dowloading?
  3. I found some post about the col load fail from mta and i have hope with MTA 1.1 someone fix the bug. But i have still the bug when a player jump on my big new object he fall down like there is nothing. After the reload everything is fine. So is that now only my problem or is there a way for fix that now??
  4. I have a little script when the player die he see for 10 sec the spawn place. That work good when the player die in the normal dimension. The problem is when the player die in a other one he see nothing no objects... function deathHandler( ) local zufalldeath = math.random(1, 4) local zufallskin = math.random(7, 288) setElementDimension ( source, 0 ) -- that was my test for get the dimension back to 0 but nothing fadeCamera ( source, true, 5 ) setCameraMatrix ( source, -2148.55859375, 2326.0148925781, 25.234376907349, -2225.376953125, 2325.0148925781, 23.2343769
  5. MTA 1.1 is now out and so i must edit the freeroam script again... I start with my sever over a year agao with a stop in the middle lol And the freeroam script was one of the first what i have edit. And now i cant remember what i must delete so that i get not more the freeroam map on the start and when the player die. Can someone say me again where is the part for this? THX
  6. I wanna say a BIG thx for all the help! A special thx to 50p for the super big help with the spawn menu!!! And for a answer of all my sometimes stupid questions! And a big thx to JR10 too Good to know that a good scripter help here!
  7. I have a windwo and wanna put it in bottom left corner. In wiki i found guiGetScreenSize () but when i use that i get a player monitor size ok but there are sooooo a lot different on so i must add for all a script with the right numbers for my window place. Is there a other easy way for add a window in a corner??
  8. can somone help me plz i that is the last part of my script then i have finish my race script. I need that for get the top 3 winner in window when the player finish the race. For that i need the data from the db to the client for the top 3 winner but i try and try nothing
  9. I wanna get some data from the server back to the client but on the client side i get nothing Server side: function drivtsavetop ( savetimerfortopdrift ) -- get the time from client that is savetimerfortopdrift addrealnumberdrift = tonumber(savetimerfortopdrift) local playernamedrift = getPlayerName ( source ) ... senddatatoclienttest = test triggerClientEvent ( "serverdatadrift", getRootElement(), senddatatoclienttest ) ... addEvent( "driftsendtoclient", true ) addEventHandler( "driftsendtoclient", getRootElement(), drivtsavetop ) -- add the seve
  10. yh that was the problem lol THX But now i have a other question i bet super easy but i have never done this before. Now i have the end time from the race: (client side) savetimerfortopdrift = tostring(tonumber(drifttimer)) how can i send that now to my script where is the db for check is the time in the top 3 or not. (server side)?
  11. I have done a nice race script for my server with a race timer. So i wanna save now the best 3 Times with the player name. For that i have crate that table you can see it in my script. I have add a clean too for that is "cleandrift" But the problem is now i cant read the db for the first test idk why So that the player when he finish the race he can see the best 3 times. That is my first stap function createNewUDatabankForDrift () executeSQLCreateTable ( "drifttoptimes", "driftonetimedb INTEGER, winneronedriftdb TEXT, drifttwotimedb INTEGER, winnertwodriftdb TEXT, driftthre
  12. I have add a new object in mta A nice vulcan and i have edit the txd, col, dff and when i spawn on it no problem. I have a nice spawn menu and the player can spawn good and fast from one place to the other one. So when i spawn 2-3 on the vulcan boom i fall down like there is nothing When i restart the full file it works fine for 2-3 teleports and i have the same problem again I could use a script for restart it again but i ask me where is the problem?
  13. atm i work with the cratewater and there are some problems. When the water is over 1000 hight the water have no texture. And i cant make a water area out of the world boundaries I wanna make a boat jump so i need a hight water area but a jump with 1000 hight is no fun And a better place for a jump is out of the world boundaries there is more space for that. So is there a way for add this in mta 1.1? - Water texture over 1000 hight - cratewater out of the world boundaries
  14. hm... the next one is when i add the water hight over 1000 there is the water but no texture from the water lol Is there a way when the mta do so or so a new version of mta to fix all this? So that we can add water over the world boundaries and over 1000 hight.
  15. I have try a long time now add my water area in out of the map but everything what i have try no water. So i have start a test and found out that when the water area is on the map no problem. But when i wanna crate a water are not on the map outside the ocean then create water is not more working. Try it self here is my test... function thaResourceStarting( ) water = createWater ( -3778, -1579, 10, -4025, -1579, 10, -3778, -1381, 10, -4025, -1381, 10 ) -- water = createWater ( 1867, -1444, 10, 1968, -1443, 10, 1867, -1372, 10, 1968, -1370, 10 ) -- water = createWater ( 17, -1544, 10
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