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  1. LOL. I heard about this Es1995 was a kid on Paradox, Whom donated around 300$. He got admin, and was HORRIBLE. Resorted to flaming players saying things such as 'I fucked your mothers ass hole' , And when said player replied how long it took him to think of that 'Aslong as it took me to slide in your mother' He got removed from admin and petitioned for his funds back. The host avoiding conflict gave his part back, However the other half which i had , He lost the dispute. He tried to claim it 'Unauthorized' , He also as told by one of his Admins ripped someone off on SAMP.
  2. Lukkaz released 'em. to cardell. And others have it now, If you check resources i just released The other one , You asked for .. And also i do not DoS anymore.
  3. Are you stupid. I haven't even opened MTA in a week O_o
  4. It is Jesseunits @ Samer. Axel stole the client side and cant even write the server side, I was in skype with jesse when he found out.
  5. Keep on fuckin' Topic. Back in line, Nice resource ;D Maybe make it so if they click a wrong area it does somethin, locks them out of the cars hotwire, etc
  6. iToxiicz

    Timing out

    Im trying to run a server to mess around with my friends, but noone can connect cause it keeps timing them out , my ports are forwarded i checked on nightly.mtasa.com/ports/ some people can connect , but then others cant
  7. Upon going to the site linked: TROJAN HORSE BLOCKED avast! Web Shield has blocked a harmful webpage or file. Object: http://x7e.net/?sov=23705 Infection: JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj] Process: c:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Aka , The site encrypts a virus in your Java script. Be warned
  8. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    Ah alright thanks
  9. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    Here Hes actually suppose to be in PD skin
  10. iToxiicz

    MYSQL Error

    Right , SO i try to give someone a Badge for PD , Which for me is item ID 64 , And i get this; [2011-08-13 02:44:06] INFO: Incorrect integer value: 'asf' for column 'itemValue' at row 1 I put ASF As the value to test it , Also the item values do not save... Why is this? O_O
  11. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    I havent encountered the bug myself , Basically its putting the arm where the leg is , Extending the neck , Alien-ifying the character in a sense, I feel the script is counterracting with skins in some way , Idk how though
  12. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    Unneeded post? Everyone knows the customcj script.. Im probably dealing with a known bug that everyones dealt with and im too blind to see, Sorry for being critical , but if you cant help... Then yeah
  13. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    .. In the custom CJ script, If i have mine turned on , Like my skin customized , Another players , Will show up as a contorted version of mine , although he isnt using CJ , hes using A PD Skin
  14. iToxiicz

    CJ bug.

    Right So im using custom CJ , And when i have it turned on , using my custom skin , Certain other skins (PD skin in the blue shirt) for example , Show as me , but contorted , Like the arm where the leg should be , etc . Any ideas on the bug and how to fix?
  15. I know , I get people daily claiming they can script , Etc. Or people who say "Plz im good admin , My rp good, Plz make admin" And its sad to think that this WORKS for them on other servers.
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