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  1. hi wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. we run a 100 slot server from lowping and up till now the service has been fine, recently we asked them about server console access to do the 'upgrade' command and they were trying to add it to the server TC admin page, but yesterday they randomely added all the default resources (deathmatch , race stuff, editor etc and HTTP stuff that im sure we already had) claiming we needed them so i thought ok ill give it a try but they had to restart the server 2 or 3 times when they were working on it. ever since then the server randomly restarts approx
  2. Katrina

    Server Hacking

    duhh we did all that its currently sitting as a default server logs show nothing at all just a regular shutdown and restart they blanked the serverconfig file so it had a default one from the host with ports sorted etc. its actually been tracked to a host problem.
  3. Katrina

    Server Hacking

    sorry ixjf no noobs or trolls allowed
  4. Katrina

    Server Hacking

    FYI i reinstalled MTA latest version and installed backup acl banlist etc and recources from an offline backup i made a couple weeks ago. but it seemingly wont let us restart the server. Its reported as stopped, and seems to start ok and restart ok. stopping gives a failed error then it eventually reports as stopped but the name still comes up in the server list and when you Connect, it joins for a second then disconnects you and redirects you as jackie says. I tried changed the server name to 'dont join this' but when i restarted the server the name had not changed.
  5. Katrina

    Reliable Host?

    anyone else got any feedback on these hosts?
  6. Katrina

    Reliable Host?

    Can anyone recommend a reliable host company? We're currently with Delux-host but the host turns off without warning every week or 2 cos something supposedly went wrong. Had 'raid arrays failed, and needed to be rebuilt', then 2 weeks later was told 'one of the hdds in our host unit had failed'. Just went to go on server this morning an lo and behold its off again. currently paying 9.38 euros $12.16 US i think for 75 slot so something similar would be preferred.
  7. Is there anywhere we can look up auto kick codes? i know some actually say 'Trainer' or something but the one i got was AC #11 8DA6. are the codes listed anywhere we can look them up? poor guy wants to know why he was kicked an thats all i found next to the log entry.
  8. just updated a lag free 1.2 server to 1.3 exactly the same settings and resources an suddenly.....lag... am i doin something wrong here? gonna go back to 1.2 for the time being hope an update in the future helps
  9. Nope server can be running fine for days with no problems. Think it may be a windows thing. Next time it happens( if it happens again) ill get the error details an post them
  10. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed server crashes on a windows host pc? only happened since 1.1 but im not certain thats the problem. the host pc is running windows and mta server and thats about it, so no other applications are running at the time. just get the old 'Server.exe has encountered a problem and needs to shut down.....' error on the desktop.
  11. Katrina


    yeah i used 1.1 data files too ok..
  12. umm might be a silly question but you are typing 'upgrade' in console after you add it so it includes the new map? (I think its 'upgrade' for maps..)
  13. Sorry, i've never played League Of Legends, but i have heard of it. Thanks to all for suggestions and help especially Arran and Phat Looser who suggested adjusting the Memory. Heard this morning of a server that has a shader disable function added to their F1 panel, which would be a handy addon.
  14. Fwiw 512 MB video card running 128 MB useable memory seemed to work best, not noticed a lag so far...
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