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  1. Yes, please, I would appreciate it
  2. Nice, but it didn't work, it moves halfway down but now it moves up atleast I need help to get it all the way down to the ground and then up again
  3. Do you mean like, when someone join, it's going to be like; "Welcome, username"?
  4. Thanks man, you're the best! But it only moved halfway and then it disappeared, how to fix this?
  5. Hi, i'm back, I edited a little so it now looks like this; --Client side: Only you can see it opening --Server side: Everybody can see it opening -- Create the marker at the middle of GTA gate = createObject(980, 1119.2196044922, -1161.8154296875, 25.339630126953, 0, 0, 0) -- create the gate when the resource starts function moveGate() -- create the moving gate function moveObject(gate, 1000, 1, 1119.2196044922, -1161.8154296875, 23.339630126953, 0, 0, 0) -- move it 5 units higher in 1 second (1000ms) setTimer(moveObject, 5000, 1, gate, 1119.2196044922, -1161.8154296875, 25.3
  6. Uhm, I mean, how do I put the script into my gate and how is it supposed to know my coordinates?
  7. But when I start the map editor, I don't know how to start his script, I made like this; folder "mygate" > "mygate.lua" and I pasted his script into it and started the map editor and made a gate, but I have no idea how to test it.. btw, i'm using 1.1
  8. Thanks, Jesse. But where do I put my coordinates? x: 1119.2196044922 y: -1161.8154296875 z: 25.339630126953 and can I repeat this to get 2 more gates in one script, if then, how?
  9. Thanks alot, but how do I format it within the coordinates etc.
  10. Hi, I got a problem with gates, because I can't really script, but i'm learning aswell. Anyways, I made 3 gates that I want to react on name, but what kind of script should I do? I already got the .lua file but I have no idea what to do with it so it opens when I get close to it. If you got problems to understand my english, please let me know
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