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  1. Salut man, am o problema, mi am facut chestia aia, aplicatia, si dupa m-o mai pus sa o fac o data, da ma gandesc ca aia o fost trimisa deja.

    1. Axel


      mai faci o data

  2. Nu ai voie sa folosesti gamemode-uri furate.. cu siguranta nu ai voie sa folosesti gamemode-ul meu..
  3. Axel

    [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    You did a good job! I told you in the beginning this project has potential! I wish you the best!
  4. Axel

    Los Santos Roleplay România

    Interesant. Multa munca depusa.
  5. Axel

    [H] Custom skin textures bound to a class.

    You need this:
  6. Axel

    [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    au fost niste probleme, trb sa faci alt cont
  7. .Dan

    neata axele, ce mai faci sefule?

  8. Cara

    Salut,Axel cum ajung moderator ?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Axel


      nu prea ai cum

    3. Cara


      si pe vR ?


    4. Axel


      multa munca

  9. Axel

    Salutare MTA Romania !

    vR Ramane cel mai smecher sv romanesc
  10. Axel

    [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    Discuti cu liderul factiunii.
  11. Axel

    Un jucator mi-a luat banii

    Daca e vR zici, forumul este:
  12. Our server went over a peak of 205 players, and has constant 150, and lag has become a serious problem. What are some tips you, reader, can give me to reduce lag, loading time, etc on a crowded sever with lots of objects, vehicles, etc?
  13. Axel

    [REL] Stock Market | Buy & Sell Stocks!

    This script is awesome! You could make more corporatist features!