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  1. [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    au fost niste probleme, trb sa faci alt cont
  2. neata axele, ce mai faci sefule?

  3. Salut,Axel cum ajung moderator ?


    1. Axel


      Pe vR sau aici?

  4. Salutare MTA Romania !

    vR Ramane cel mai smecher sv romanesc
  5. [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    Discuti cu liderul factiunii.
  6. Un jucator mi-a luat banii

    Daca e vR zici, forumul este:
  7. Our server went over a peak of 205 players, and has constant 150, and lag has become a serious problem. What are some tips you, reader, can give me to reduce lag, loading time, etc on a crowded sever with lots of objects, vehicles, etc?
  8. [REL] Stock Market | Buy & Sell Stocks!

    This script is awesome! You could make more corporatist features!
  9. [vR] Romania Viata Reala |

    Pai iti scrie la logare..
  10. Lumberjack Job?

    I tested it and it works only on created objects. Is there a way around it to work on real world objects?
  11. Lumberjack Job?

    You mean the hitElement would be my target, and use it to remove it Serverside, and then restore it after soome time? Is onClientPlayerWeaponFire accurate?
  12. Lumberjack Job?

    Can it be used on the actual world trees?
  13. Lumberjack Job?

    Is there a way to make this in MTA:
  14. [Release]thisdp's Dx GUI System

    What is the tatu Memo? Can you use that function for it? Can we help somehow?