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  1. He do it cuz he want peoples see the map they created. And you can play it on Internationall DM/DD servers. For Example: XIII, FFS , SHC//
  2. I can answer that with a other question too: you have nothing else to do one to believe that you are so damn good?
  3. Yes i have, ** that you and handled you, brat?
  4. Good work.. Better if you create a post with all maps instead of more then 1.
  5. I don't see your name on the map, I only see this names: Twix , ErIcK, But i guess you use a lot of names.. don't use it
  6. Can't you read? This is showroom for maps... Respect that, send private messages and ask.. and not here. Anyways, good map!
  7. Keep up the good work , Anksel!
  8. I just love the infernus skin! Please send download link to me via PM
  9. You are one of the greatest DM mapmakers i think.
  10. I think you are one of the greatest DM mapmakers...
  11. I love speed maps! Really awesome! 5/5
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