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  1. We also have a professionally scripted control panel available for as little as 30 EUR, one-time fee. The price is this low, because you will not have access to the source code, because the panel is encoded. If you want a demo, please contact me!
  2. Hi Robbster, GameServers4You offers SMS payment. Currently 40 slots will cost around 40 * 0.15 = 6 EUR. SMS payments are pricy however, since OneBip takes a HUGE amount of money. If you have any questions, please ask them. Kind regards, GameServers4You
  3. I don't think there is any host providing CashU, so I still want to offer our services, since we DO support mobile payments, which can be used by nearly anyone. We also offer MySQL for free and we offer a cheap service. We have been providing a laggless service for over a year now. The dollar isn't a problem, since our payment methods will convert it automatically. If you have any questions, please contact us!
  4. Just a quick news update. From 1-10-2012 the payment gateway costs for the payment gateway OneBip will be higher. This is due the fact that OneBip takes a lot more money. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. We offer SMS payments using OneBip. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us!
  6. This is a really strange discussion. The most important thing is that you are just careful and nothing will happen. As soon as you are looking into "to good to be true" stories or wrong sex sites, you are screwed. Some anti virusses might help you, but most virusses can be hidden by crypters.
  7. Hi! We have a one-server optimized panel called TrueCP available. It comes at a price of 5 EUR per license per month. It is originally made for gameservers hosted on VPSes and because of my long time experience with MTASA it works very well with MTASA. If you are interested, please contact me using PM or using Skype (GameServers4You). Kind regards, GameServers4You
  8. Hi! I think I can help you here. It looks like you want performance quick and easy, so we offer you our fully managed VPS. Our managed VPS comes fully setup within a few hours of payment. It offers our TrueCP control panel with a license for you. For information about our plans, please contact me. Also, our VPS have 1Gbit connection, which is nearly necessary for 100+ players. We have Dutch speaking Skype support. If you are interested or want more information or advices, please PM me! Kind regards, GameServers4You
  9. Not to remove any competition, but you do know that it is illegal to run WHMCS without a license?
  10. Sumri, if I had CPGS it would be easy for me and I would create your package. Just follow those instructions, it might sound rude, but if you can't follow that tutorial, don't start using a linux based control panel, but stay with Windows instead!
  11. Do you have CPGS already installed? Just do the command listed, replace cod with MTASA, replace 1.4 with 1.3 (current mta version) and replace Custom package with a brief description like "Built on 32bit".
  12. Just a quick news update: Our SSL cert of the control panel has been restored! The control panel is now secured with SSL again and all the information you send using it is safe. Please check if you are using the SSL connection while ordering.
  13. Got to http://linux.mtasa.com. Download the files and put them together to a working server. Then follow the instructions with that directory.
  14. Sumri, read my previous post, you must make your own package.
  15. To help you a bit more I did some Googling and found this: This guide is found at http://forums.cpanel.net/f41/recreation ... 02093.html and http://cpgs.cpanel.net//GameServerAddon/readme.txt.
  16. Anderl, he already explains it in English. CPGS is the control panel by the famous webhosting panel creator CPanel. However, this panel isn really well known and hasn't any option for lesser known games like MTA. Sumri, the cpgs files are plain .tar.gz files with some info about the game in the meta. I currently don't know how to make them, but searching Google might help you. Kind regards, GameServers4You
  17. Hi! GameServers4You is a company that has been around here for almost a year now. Our thread here is one of the biggest of the MTA hosting forum. We have many happy customers and I'm sure you can be one of them. Why you should choose us? Simple, we have a fast infrastructure. Our main gameservers are located in Germany and our control panel server is located in a separate datacenter in The Netherlands, connected to a 1GBit uplink. We also offer fast support and have a small community built in in our control panel so you can ask other clients for support. This way we ensure you have the fast
  18. Hi. GameServers4You now exists for almost a year. We had a little pause in between because there were some problems with copyright authorities. We offer servers in Germany, but we do have VPS plans available in The Netherlands. We are also located in The Netherlands, so we have Dutch speaking support. If you have any other questions, please contact me using PM or using any of the other methods available at our site (e.g. Skype). Kind regards, GameServers4You support@4you-network.net
  19. Agree with Shigawire. It isn't smart running a database on a remote network for the reason that it takes too much time for MTA to access it. One of my clients was complaining about lag and I helped him migrating to the local database and all the problems were gone.
  20. The complaint is stored. If we get any more complaints regarding this issue, we will take action. @'JhooN# @TAPL: As TAPL correctly says, the FTP host is the gameserver IP.
  21. What is your Skype? You can also add us, gameservers4you. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi! We would like to thank you for your feedback. However, we can't find any lag problems during the past months. Can you please send me your customer ID? Or PM me your email? Kind regards, GameServers4You support@4you-network.net
  23. I do $0.07 per slot I guess am a lot cheaper http://britishgamehosting.co.uk/panel/order/ Soildsnake has tested 1 of my test server and is has said it runs good Personally I think it is very bad to just get into a topic of another hosting company and advertise your services. You already have your own post, stay with that.
  24. It is nearly impossible to hide your IP address for one simple reason: Your server needs to be accessible for the clients. The clients must be able to contact the server on its IP. Why are you afraid of hacking? Do you really think it is that easy? Most people are just script kiddies, claiming they can hack, but just sending very small DoSes. If you are really that afraid, I would also advise to host somewhere else. At the hosting solutions forum are some great posts from great companies.
  25. New affiliate system has been added! You can now earn money by affiliating people for us! When someone registers using your link, you will be registered as his referral. For EVERY purchase he does you will earn 20% of the bought amount. Even when he decides to order after 7 months, you will still earn the 20%!
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