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  1. What on earth? We haven't received any kind of support request from you. This must be a module error, so please contact us by ticket or something, and we will fix it for you. You will also get a second month for free, because of this. Regards J-Solutions
  2. Hello, I can't prove what our customers thinks, but yes, you can trust on us. We have about 35 customers with VPS's and few customers with MTA servers, you can read customer testimonials from our home page. We will answer within 6 hours, if you are in need of support, so that's not a problem. If you have any questions, you can always ask by email support@j-solutions.info or just contact us by the live support. Have a nice day Regards J-Solutions Staff
  3. J-Solutions new sites are online now! http://j-solutions.org MTA Servers supports now 500 slots. We are celebrating our new sites, so you have a change to get 15% discount for lifetime with MTA 1.1 and VPS. Use coupon: 15OFF Twitter page also opened: http://twitter.com/JSolutionsHost Please be sure to follow us! Have a nice fall! Regards J-Solutions EDIT: We are probably getting US location for Game Servers in the upcoming week!
  4. Read some testimonials here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/501 ... r-vps-now/ and here: http://gta-market.com/market/index.php? ... opic=151.0 Our sites may not look very good at the moment, but that is, because we are doing new sites (Which will be ready tomorrow). Regards J-Solutions
  5. Servers are located in France. (Test IP: We are getting US location soon. Sorry for the quadpost, I didn't notice that. Regards J-Solutions
  6. We are updating our sites. Also MTA 1.1 packs will be available soon! We will update our thread once the sites and MTA 1.1 will be available! Regards J-Solutions
  7. New campaign open! First one who orders MTA server from us, gets a second server (32 slots) for a life time FREE OF CHARGE, but this campaign requires that you have a paid server with us. So, you can't just order the server and terminate it and keep the free one. Order now: http://j-solutions.org/gameserver.php Also, we are going to sell server packs, like 10 MTA servers for 60€/month, unlimited slots. We will be updating the thread, when we will release the packs. - J-Solutions Staff
  8. Sorry for double post, but! NEW: We are now selling also game servers! All MTA servers are behind 100mbit network connection with very high hardware! Every customer gets TCAdmin to control their services. INSTANT SETUP. Prices starting from as low as 0,16€ / slot See features here: http://j-solutions.org/game_servers.php Order here: http://www.j-solutions.org/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=6 Read more features above!
  9. We are sorry, we copied the plans from our sites, and seems like we forget the definition. Anyways, here it is:
  10. Our website was down for a five minutes when our DB was restarted. It is working again. Probably you just checked it when it was down for that five minutes. Btw. We are getting MTA SERVERS TOMORROW! Yay I will update this thread tomorrow!
  11. J-Solutions has been up for a month now! We want to celebrate this by giving 35% discount of every plan for the life time! New pricing Pronze plan: 3.24€/month Silver plan: 5.19€/month Golden plan: 8.44€/month Diamond plan: 11.69€/month Platinum plan: 19.49€/month Use this promotional code when ordering: 35LAUNCH Have fun! Regards J-Solutions
  12. Yes, you need to have a little bit linux knowledge for your server, because you basically control it by SSH. But if you need some kind of help to setup your servers, we will gladly help you! Yes, you can install MySQL databases, we can help you also with this. Regards J-Solutions EDIT: Speak in our livesupport if you have more questions! We are online at the moment.
  13. Sorry for the double post, but the France#2 dedicated is online now, and we have 16 more servers in stock now. Go ahead and order now, before we run again out of stock! Regards J-Solutions Technical Department
  14. Yes, it can run one server very easily. Actually Silver Plan can run two servers as the processor is so good. If you want to host multiple servers (4-5) I would go with the Silver Plan. If you want very many servers (7-12) I would go with the Golden Plan and so on. One MTA server uses like 200MB of RAM. It depends on are you using XML or MySQL or what to save your stuff, because XML uses a little bit more RAM. Regards J-Solutions EDIT: We are getting 16 servers more to stock today, as the France#2 dedicated will be online!
  15. You broke an EU law, It must be minimal 14 days instead of 3 days . Edit: It's a pretty new law, so not everyone knows about it. Hello, thanks for the feedback. As long as I know, I don't need to offer money-back guarantee at all. Anyways, as I see almost nobody follows this law. 14 days is pretty long time by the way Regards J-Solutions
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